WIWT: One Woman Army

Earlier this week, I was in Dallas for Yummy You meetings. We’ve been laying low a bit, working on making things bigger and better, so thanks everyone for your patience, and fingers crossed for more Yummy You this holiday season! So much has happened with Yummy You this year that I should probably never talk about, but it’s been an interesting journey in trusting your gut and doing your best to build a good team.

I wish I could show you the things I saw in my meetings. There’s going to be so much fun stuff!! Stuff I can’t wait to have myself! Wheeee!

Hairy got me this tshirt that says One Woman Army. It really feels that way sometimes, but then I remember I do have a great support system around me. There are days when I feel like nobody can do their job right, but I trust that all the hard work and anxiety will pay off in the end. In good news, I might be getting an intern!

Thanks everyone for the bday wishes!! Again, it was a very low key bday. The BFF and I didn’t even take pictures at the amusement park. We decided we were definitely too old for roller coasters. I felt like I was getting beat up in the head by a gang. Plus, the funnel cakes don’t even taste good anymore. It was like cat food squished into a circular patty. Only Disneyland for me from now on! We had fun, though, as only besties can.

Last night, the BFF held a small sewing class for me and her roommie and we got takeout for dinner. It was the first I ever sewed anything on a machine. We sewed on paper to learn! It was exciting and scary. You just kinda had to be ok with making mistakes.

Shirt: Kweenz Destroy, Tights: Celeste Stein, Shorts: True Religion, Socks: Don’t remember! Bought them in Vegas, Belt: from the Bettie Page shop on Haight, Hair bow: Puppy Cat Meow, Star brooch: Pizzicato Kei, Necklace: AthinaLaBella

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  • Jenny


    I love that bow!

    Excited to hear more about the Yummy You! stuff….I know it’s been a long, trying experience, but just stick with your gut- the process may be longer, but the end result will be all the better for it 🙂

  • MaDonna


    you’re the best!

  • julie


    Love your style. I found the socks on several websites: “Kawaii Teeth Knee High Socks”

  • Elysse



  • Ellyssa


    OMG I really really remember seeing those socks somewhere on a website. Because I recently bought some socks. They’re these ones, http://www.absolutesocks.com/lng-562.html and the teeth socks are from the same place I bought the ice cream socks! They’re really cute teeth socks anyways here’s a link to the website I found the teeth socks. http://www.absolutesocks.com/stm-f62.html

    PS: I think you should get the ice cream socks too…the ones I gave the link to. Would look so cute on u twinkie. 😀 don’t be fooled by the picture the stripes are actually pink not red.

  • Michelle


    What size shirt are you wearing? I may need a bigger size but is a good referance point. You are just too cutei could eat you up! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!

    • I’m wearing a medium in this brand, but sometimes in other juniors brands, I wear a large.

  • croesloveglitter


    I haf those toof socks!

  • Amanda


    Pya! I have those socks. I love them~

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