WIWT: Too Much Mint!

While my cousin was in town, we did a lot of shopping. I picked up these mint corduroy shorts in the sale section of Urban Outfitters. They’re Levi’s. While I was doing my laundry and washing them, I noticed all my mint green clothing clumping together, so I decided to put some on and snap a photo!

Tshirt: Threadless, Shorts: Levi’s, Knee Highs: We Love Colors, Shoes: Dr. Marten, Head Band: Made by me!

9 Comments on “WIWT: Too Much Mint!”

  • Lolo


    you are just too cute twinkiechan <3

  • Abby


    You should definitely buy ‘Mint to be’ by Limecrime, it would go together great! 😀

  • Elysse!


    Jealous! I love mint/sea foam, but I think those hues look weird on my weird skin.

    P.S.- We should discuss weird hues and weird skin over brunch!

    • Ellyssa


      Yup, I remember her wearing those too! Yup. I’m a stalker too! haha

  • Candice


    Dude! Cute outfit!

    I am also loving the yarn cubbies in the background!! How did you do that? is it custom made? I need to do one of those, pronto!

  • Brandy


    Mint is all the rage in Lolita for the last year. I would love to see you wear angelic pretty, thmey have the Cutest salopettes

  • Sadie


    Dude your awesomeness XD

  • Susanesque


    OMG… I love the monchichi necklace/purse! *runs to search ebay*

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