The Greatest Etsy Purchase of All Time

There’s a zipper up the back. I should have tried to see if I could get inside of it. I probably could if I cut the feet off!

I’m not sure what this was even for. The seller predicted that it was the cover for an inflatable chair, since the tag says “inflatable.” But it’s not really in a chair shape, ya know? There are so many possibilities with this thing that I don’t know what to do with it. Suggestions welcome! I thought of just stuffing him and using him as my new scarf model! Or driving around in the car with him, buckled up like a human, buying him a latte, etc.

Hairy thinks he’s creepy, but I think that’s just the jellymonster talking.

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  • Ellyssa


    STUFF IT!! Im sorry my suggestion is kinda lame since thats what ur gonna do. But to be honest thats what I would do!! YOu could snuggle with him, sinces hes pretty kawaii!! He could definitely be a cute scarf model!! Plus, I AM KINDA JEALOUS I DON;T Have one Lol!! Putting him in the front seat of the car is a pretty epic idea too. BUT I SAY STUFF HIM ALL THE WAY! (Post a pic if u do)

    • I kind of wanted to turn him into a garment, but I’m not sure there is enough of him to go around me hhahahah so creepyl

      • fabric stores have fake fur to make him “twinkie size”

        • that sounds like too much work 😛 hahaha

      • Ellyssa


        No no, I dont think “she” I should be a garment. Cuz ifs it its a he. Hes definitely a drag queen bear. I don’t think you should make him a garment haha! You mean like a shirt haha? No no, shes so cute, leave her as she is. Rip that zipper down and stuff her. It would look so cute in ur yarn room or ur room.

  • sue


    Oh no, He’s not creepy at all. He needs some accessories right this minute.

    • I think he wants a pearl necklace!

  • Ellyssa


    Put a cupcake scarf on him. He is soo cute.

  • vanessa cottoncandy


    the first thing you should do, is giving him….or her a name :O so gorgeous lashes and pretty pink eyeshadow. It’s either a girl bear or a drag bear!

    • This is a really excellent point!!!! I keep referring to it as a HIM. And imagine him having a very simple and sweet name like Daisy or Betty….

  • Nita


    I think he’d make a darling model, but I can also see you putting it on as a costume and dancing around or posing with your crochet. If you had to cut the feet off to get into it you could crochet some cute bear feet slippers to wear with it.
    I have a lamb costume and altered it so my face showed (and I could breathe) and used to wear it to give out candy at Halloween. Whatever you do will be cute.

  • Jaymi


    AWESOME – there is no other word for it!

  • You should lay it on the floor like a rug!

  • haha, omg for using him as a “safety buddy” in your car. I think it would be adorable to do a “Top 10 Best w/ Butterscotch” (yep i named it after candy). Showing 10 silly and upsurd things that make him “practical”.

    • So funny! In another comment, I was considering naming him Betty or Daisy HAHAHHA

  • Jules Chan


    I think you should make Hairy wear it, then you can snuggle with it at night : )
    Whats even cuter is your ‘moving’ picture that you made, oh how I wish I was that clever!

  • stephnanie


    my friend started this new thing here where i live, and you should give it a try! she found it in a craft book: inside out animals; unstuff em, flip em inside out, (cut off the ears or tail, re-attach on the outside as your crafty self sees fit…) and re-stuff em. THEN!! if you wanted to get EXTRA CRAFTY! (like i know you can do!) you cover it in glow in the dark paint. then in the dark, you can use a UV laser pointer and have a glow friend! best camping and nite toy ever, and the glow factor is unstoppable!! and huge would be even more tops! haha! good luck with your adventure 🙂 il post a pic on your facebook page so you can see an example!

  • Lee


    Save it for Halloween.

  • jacci


    i think you should stuff her nice and plump, then add some awesome accessories, and use her as a comfy cushion on the couch to snuggle with 🙂

  • FizzyFangs


    make him her into a giant Backpack/suitcase!


    fill it with beanbag stuffing and make it a beanie bear 🙂

  • thecrampedhand


    Well the first thing she needs is a big crochet cup cake or bow hair clip and a Cutility belt and a sweater OMG you could really have fun with her.

  • Kayla


    I think whatever u decide to do with her after u should go to build a bear and get her a mini her Lol that whould be soooo funny

  • Joyce


    YES…i’m with the stuff-it crowd…a nice big soft body pillow for when Hairy is not around!

  • Ellyssa


    The bear can be Harry’s dancing partner! haaha

  • Tammy


    It could represent your “beary sweet” collection!

  • chinamommy


    Oh, he should def. ride around in your car with you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary


    I was scared when I initially saw the image that it was a bear costume. Only because I dated a guy once who’s life’s dream was to own a panda costume. He wanted to wear the panda costume and procure a giant net and run around down town with me chasing him with the giant net…

    Maybe use it as a rug? 😛 Or if you make something out of it, maybe cut out the bear’s head off and turn it into a bear messenger bag or backpack (sort of inspired by I’m Your Presents bear purses). Think of all the yarn and crochet projects you could fit in that!

    Despite the creepy ex-factor, I think I probably would have been tempted to put it on too since it is so close in size haha

  • Tokyo


    aw it’s cute. I would make it into a hoodie. Fuzzy bear hoodie ^__^

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