“You guys are so awkward, you’re making ME feel awkward!” – Tess

So Amy texted me the other day asking me for my address cuz she said she’d found something cute and bought one for both of us. I fancy Amy as a mischievous little devil so I asked her if this was actually a prank and something poo-related.

Here is the video of me opening this surprise!


Lo and behold, I think it was the next day that we saw each other and decided to wear our matching pjs. looooo3 and her mister were in town, so we met up with them, Amy, Kevin, Jessica, and Greg at Straw which is a new little carnival-themed restaurant that Tiffany told me about. They have all sorts of yummy foods that are bad for you, plus they have a cute tilt-a-whirl seat that we wanted to take a picture in, but then some peeps actually sat in it to eat, so no photo! Then we decided to be super fatties and have dessert at American Cupcake, and Tess also dropped by to say hi. This is when I decided that Amy and I needed to document our matching pjs. This is also when we remembered we are really awkward, and you should probably never hire us to do much of anything.

Here’s the winning photo:

I know you’ll want that as your wallpaper for EVERYTHING.

And here’s a fancy animated gif I made of our epic awkward that made everyone else feel extremely uncomfortable.

We should probably be drunk next time for this to work better.

If you want to turn your night-time wear into day-time wear, follow these tips!

13 Comments on ““You guys are so awkward, you’re making ME feel awkward!” – Tess”

  • omg where’z mine guyzzzz????!!!!

    • Hit up Amy! hehhe She is the purveyor of the goods!

  • caz


    ahhh so cute!! You look good in your mathing night-time wear made in to day_time wear πŸ˜€

    • Mine was a bit small and wrinkling in a weird way…but I think that was also bcause I had ruffle bloomers underneath to cover my BUTT!

  • yaga


    SO CUTE! aaawh, where’s it from? Seriously, such awesome stuff is much too great to wear at home! ^^

    • She got them at Target in the kids section!

  • zambicandy


    hahaha I would hire you guys to model everything for me!!! Love how it looks on both of you! So cuteeee.

    • It was a bit too small on me, but you know, worth it for weird photos! πŸ˜›

  • julie doll


    haha omgggg you guys are too cute xD

    • or just embarrassing to know! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  • Elaine


    You guys are nuts! Sadly, I am too old to wear sleepwear out during the day without looking senile even with a cardi or belt. Thanks for the tips anyway!

  • Ellyssa


    OMG!! I have to go see if that awesome NIGHTIE is a target like seriously Twinkie you can wear anything! You can even pull of kiddie pajamas!

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