Sugar Rush

I shot some photos of this red sequin bow for Sugar Rush Couture on Etsy. Check out her cute shop for hair bows!

I wore it with two of my own hair pieces: a pink crochet bow with pom poms, and the piece I lovingly refer to as a boobie cake, which was inspired by a raspberry cake! I added some glittery red icing swirls to try to make it look less breasty. I am bringing a TON of fun hair clips to Renegade Austin next weekend. EEP! I’m nervous and kind of a wreck about the logistics of it!

The dress is I’m Your Present. It’s a bit big on me, but makes me feel like a princess!

Also I’m trying out a Sephora cream lip stain. I’m not used to wearing such a dark lip, so I probably wouldn’t wear this a lot in real life, but it’s a nice change or photos!

Have a great weekend! We are driving down to L.A. for a fun little project. I’ll tell ya all about it when it’s done!

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  • linds


    cute cute! that cream lip stain looks intriguing! i’ve only tried the watery kind and it always bled and looked creepy on me. the cream version looks super good on you! i like! what brand was it? or was it just sephora brand? xoxoxo

    • It’s Sephora brand!! Yeah it’s got way more substance and pigment than the usual lip stain. It leaves a velvety finish. It’s a bit dry for me, but I could also try layering a chap stick on top or something!

  • Maggi


    I don’t care for lip stain but yours looks really great in the pictures! Love the boob cake. Good luck at Renegade!

  • Jenny Whoo


    You look SO CUTE in these photos! The dress (want!), the hairpieces- the whole package is just adorable 🙂

    Also- have a good time at Renegade! Hope all goes well- good luck!

  • candice


    Adorable. I LOVE the lip stain on you, the matte finish is gorgeous, I wouldn’t touch it, makes youe lips look like pretty fondant 😀

    However, you could always layer on a gloss to make it shiny. The color suits you, you can definitely pull off the red.


  • Alice


    Those hairpieces are adorable!!
    Will you be making any more available on your etsy?

  • Taleena


    I absolutely love lip stain. I love having dark lips, but lipstick feels so wierd to me. I like how my lips normally feel so lip stain’s great.
    I sadly can’t go to Renegade like I was hoping unless I can beg my sister to take me down, but Austin’s great.
    You’ll love it! You should defiantly go to East Side Cafe. It’s my favorite place there. But I could tell you TONS of great places there.
    And be sure to stop by Book People and Waterloo Records. And Get some Amy’s Ice Cream. It’s literally the best ice cream in the world and all three are right next to each other. Have Tons of Fun!

  • chinamommy


    i hear all this renegade hub bub and always wish I could go! I swear they have nothing like this in the entire state of MI 🙁 We just have icky “craft shows” with row after row of awful beaded jewelry and American Girl doll clothes…sigh.
    LOVE the hair goodies 🙂

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