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I was asked to show a pic of what I’ve been working on lately, so here’s a peek! I’ve been trying to catch up on custom orders for a little bit, since I always lag on them. I just had a big meeting for Yummy You, so I’m trying to do as much with my Etsy shop as possible before diving deep into Yummy You stuff again!

A reader from New Zealand recently emailed me and asked:

Anyway just wondering if you could let us readers know what you do in your day? (Monday to Friday) Are you at home crocheting all the time or do you hang out with your mates like Manda?

I actually don’t get to hang out with my pals very much. Both Manda and I are really busy. I’m “busy but flexible” (stole that phrase from KerinRose ) and Manda is busy on a schedule, as she’s getting her MFA in Fashion Design, designing costumes for a children’s theater, AND interning! She’s crazy busy!

For new readers of my blog, you may have missed my Q&A with Gala Darling for her “I want to be…” series, and it is chockful of info about my life and what I have been up to. It’s hard to say what a typical day is, since my focus changes a lot…from Yummy You… to new designs for Etsy … to working on a collaboration … and just keeping up with all the social networking, which I think is important, since I don’t really hit up events regularly around here that would be productive to me business-wise. I found myself quite busy lately writing fun tutorials for various magazines and blogs, which you’ll seen soon! πŸ™‚ I am the classic workaholic, and I don’t leave the house a lot except to shop for yarn, take packages to the post office, walk the dogs, and eat food! πŸ™‚

Also tonight, I uploaded a few more cupcake coffee cup cozies to the Etsy shop, so check it on out!

p.s. A big project on my list is to redesign my website. I LOVE THE FRIDGE, but it’s hard to add or subtract sections to it … like links to my book … or Yummy You … or whatever new fun stuff comes up. I keep trying to figure out how to keep the fun fridge idea but also make my site more easy to navigate and to manipulate with new information. Not sure. I might just keep the fridge as my portfolio hub or something. Sigh. I dunno yet!

18 Comments on “Today’s Workspace”

  • Katie K


    LOVE (what I am assuming are)the red velvet cupcakes!

    • Yep, that’s red velvet! πŸ™‚

  • San Smith


    I love the carrot cake cozy!!

    • Thank you!!!! Then I added felt nuts!

  • i love progress photos, it’s something i do with my blog when I’m knee deep in projects and it’s nice to see others do it too, because I’m never quite sure whats interesting and whats not.

  • Sophie


    your workspace looks yummy!

    • It’s really a hot mess!!! Shelves, I need more shelves!!!! πŸ˜‰

  • caz


    I love the fridge πŸ˜€

  • Sylvette Marie


    I love the fridge but having a new image on the web is refreshing something, but you could do a T-shirt with the fridge πŸ™‚

    I love that idea

    • I always wanted to make fridge backpacks or messenger bags somehow. I don’t sew, tho!

      • Sylvette Marie


        Oh no! What I meant was the fridge print on a T-shirt. like the one that you have with the yarn ball.

  • Jenny Whoo


    Your workplace makes me hungry!

  • Leanne


    Hey Twinkie – Gala’s article on you fabulous!! Cheers

  • Maggi


    What a delicious workspace! That carrot cake cozy is too cute!

    Can’t wait to hear what mags you’re working on, I’ve been bugging my favorite one telling them they really needed to feature you! lol

  • tetcutiepie


    Oh my god… I LOVE the peppermint scarf! How did I not even think of peppermints as a scarf (considering I’m crocheting ‘circles’/’cookies’!

    I want to make that and wear it… too! :p How the heck you’ve intertwined two different colors, well I’m still a very new beginner at crocheting!

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