Red Velvet Dress Collection Launches Tuesday!

You guys.

I’m SO excited for my pal Elsie and the gals at Red Velvet. I remember chatting with her about her wish to design a dress line, and now it’s here! (A) I want to buy everything. (B) How truly inspirational to see someone turn wishes into reality???

Check out the adorable lookbook video. I melted. It’s all so exciting!



5 Comments on “Red Velvet Dress Collection Launches Tuesday!”

  • im excited for this line too. im seriously tempted by that cute yellow number…

  • nova


    I know! It’s so inspiring to see photos of her beautiful shop. She really did it!

  • omg cutest video ever, it’s so her with her vintage love for 60’s. I’ve been thinking about making a video for my new collection coming out and this just makes it that much more modivating, thanks

  • Ashley


    Cute video and very cool dresses! Congrats to your friend! Can’t wait to see what she comes out with next! I <3 them all!

  • Mac


    I want that awesome b&w shoulder strapped one! <3

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