My valentine’s day Etsy update!

I know it’s SUPER LAST MINUTE!!! I just can’t keep up! 🙂

I will be queuing up my Etsy listings in just a few minutes, so please check the shop in a bit!

Here’s a sneak!

11 Comments on “My valentine’s day Etsy update!”

  • Kaesi


    Love it!!!! And your dress and necklace too cute!! I would love to have the taffy scarf, but my BF would kill me if I bought that knowing I could make it…..but I want to have a Twinkie Chan piece. I will have to get me an adorable bow instead!

    • Kaesi


      All the pink bows were gone 🙁

  • poohknit


    Well cramp I miss the bnows and the cup cozies! That’s what I get for being gone all day!!!

    • More of each (though not V-day themed) on the way!

  • Hi! 😀

    I have one little question, What kind of a dog is bibi? 😀

    And I have to say, that a love yore blogg! Is so sweet! ^^

    • Bibi is half shar pei, and half basset hound 🙂

  • OH POOP!! Those bows are so cute!

    • Sorry!! They all sold out in a few hours!!! I think I will try to re-make something similar soon 😉

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