Possible book signing in London

Hey UK!
I am coming to London at the end of March to meet up with family.
I am trying to see about doing a book signing or class or something while I am there.
Which of these shops would your recommend most for me to approach?

iKnit London
Mrs. Moon
All the Fun of the Fair

I know my cousin has shopped at All the Fun of the Fair.
What do you think?

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  • Amie


    OMG!!!! please say you’ll do a signing somewhere in london!! Any shop will do! Hope to see u in blighty soon!! 😀

  • Gemma


    Please say you’re coming before the 21st! I’m down in London for a few days but leave on the 21st. Would love you meet you!

    • Ah poo! I won’t really be there until the 23rd. I’ll be in Dublin on the 21st!

  • Pilbeam


    It may be worth getting in touch with Stitches London. They’re the biggest knit/crochet group I know about. They can probably offer you some advice.


    I don’t live in London so can’t offer advice, but I’ll definitely try and come to the book signing, where ever you choose.

    • Thank you for the suggestion!!

      I emailed them yesterday and will see if they respond soon!

  • Catherine


    ooh, will be there!

    • Yay! I hope I can plan it in time!

  • Hana


    iKnit have worked with Debbie Stoller and I *think* Stephanie Pearl-McPhee before, so that might help somehow! All the Fun of the Fair are pretty awesome, you might also like to look at Prick Your Finger.

    • Thank you thank you!!! So hard to figure out where to go!

  • Mandy


    sod London… come to Derby! lol

    i’d love love LOVE to see you!

  • Jodie


    eeeeeeeep! such exciting news!
    if this goes ahead i shall definitely travel down to see you!!!! No matter which place you choose =]


  • Fay


    WOW! I am so excited to hear this! Yes, please do, I shall be there!

    Keep us all posted, I look forward to it.


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