The Hangover

So last Thursday, Hairy and Manda and went to our favorite divebar 80s night since Manda is on vacay from school.

The three of us were just sittin’ around, people-watching (nerds had invaded the bar that night…it was fascinating), when I suggested we take photos a la The Hangover. Nobody was pulling out their teeth on a dare or marrying strippers or stealing Mike Tyson’s pet tiger … but we tried our best.

Our ridiculous attempts at goofy self portraiture led a petroleum engineer to sit next to Manda and ask if she came here often….

4 Comments on “The Hangover”

  • Cassie Wendl


    Hee hee! I love the photo’s! You guys crack me up!

  • poohknit


    Looks like you guys had fun!!!! LOL!

  • megan


    Are you sure you didnt steal the tiger?

  • Ellyssa


    HAHA I love the one where your coughing up blood.

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