Sparkly Crochet Hook Project on!

Elsie is running a “12 days of handmade” tutorial marathon on her blog! Check out our blingeee crochet hook project here!

It posted today but I had been out and about in Seattle and flying home tonight :).

We had a super great time (will try to get some video and photos up tomorrow), but I am so happy to be home for a few days!

I have to scramble to prep my interactive booth for the fun Indie Mart event this Thursday night 6pm-10pm at the Academy of Sciences. I’ll be doing “design your own flower headbands” by the butterfly exhibit! Should be super duper funz!!

And then Friday, we are off to Portland for more book tour stuffs!!!! Friday: cupcake class at Twisted. Saturday & Sunday: book signing at Crafty Wonderland. Sunday: audio/visual presentation and book signing at Powell’s. More tour info here! Portland is my last stop of this tour, so please come and say hi. It’s your last chance! 😉
click on the pic for info and tix!

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5 Replies to “Sparkly Crochet Hook Project on!”

  1. Maggi says:

    Check tutorial over at Elsie’s! My friend Victoria saw you at the Uprising and really enjoyed meeting you! 😀

    1. Maggi says:

      For the love of…

      That’s suppose to say, “GREAT tutorial over at Elsie’s”. It’s too early for me to be commenting on blogs apparently…

    2. Twinkie Chan says:

      Aww heheheh thank you! 😛

  2. jodyferlaak says:

    Just getting caught up here on the last few posts. Had to say, “Mmmmmm! Yes!” to your homemade coconut whipped cream! =)

  3. debbstar says:

    omg yes! i will totally be in town, too! yay!!!

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