The story of my busted finger.

If you don’t like photos that include blood…do not read further!

So yesterday while rushing to pack my toiletries before going to the airport, I accidentally grabbed at my Venus razor and sliced off a chunk of my finger.

It was non-stop bleeding, and I didn’t want to be late to the airport.

Hairy rushed to wrap it up tightly in some gauze and tape and it was throbbing and stinging like crazy!!!!

While we were checking in our bags at SFO, I started bleeding through my bandages big time. I was scared about grossing everyone out with a big ol’ bloody bandage.

I ran to the ladies’ room after we went thru security (neither of us had to go through the new scary x-ray machine), to unwrap the bandage and put on a new one.

Here’s my finger at the SFO bathroom:

The wound had begun to stick to the non-stick bandage underneath the gauze that was soaked in blood. I didn’t really know what to do, so I just tried to get it off as quickly as possible. OUCH. It started oozing big time again!

I stood in front of the sink, panicking a little, and bleeding everywhere. I called Hairy with my free (right) hand, telling him I didn’t think I could wrap my finger well with only one free hand and that I was annihilating this public sink with my DNA. He said do the best you can and come out.

My hands were shaky from 3 days of sleep deprivation and no breakfast in my system. I laid out a bunch of paper towels and then laid out my gauze and tape. Hairy called saying we had to get on the plane NOW. Knowing I’d probably soak thru everything again, I wrapped it as best I could and then grabbed extra paper towels and ran out.

Surprisingly, no more blood showed through. I did an excellent wrapping job!

When we got to Seattle, Hairy said we should re-bandage it, but I was afraid to re-open the wound again. I kept the same bandages on past my signing at Third Place and my little crochet class (I CAN crochet but it is difficult) and dinner with friends.

I didn’t have the balls to start unwrapping it until after midnight.

I took a shower with the bandages still on to loosen everything up.

Here’s what it looked like under the outer gauze:

I kept soaking it in warm water and spraying it with no-sting kids’ antiseptic spray, trying to loosen more dried blood up.

I got to this point

and had to stop because the supposedly non-stick bandage was melded into my boo-boo!

I didn’t want to deal with another gusher. So I just left it like that and went to bed…..

And left it like that all day.

When I take a shower tonight, I’ll try to loosen it up some more. There’s definitely no skin on it left.

I’m bummed cuz I need to crochet for two holiday craft fairs in the next 2 weeks!! UGH!!! This really slows me down!!!!! I deff can’t type on it and have resorted to using my middle finger instead of my busted pointer finger.

Despite this bummer, I have been having a great time at my book events and hanging out with good friends!

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  • tara


    Ouch! What a bummer, I hate when I have any minor hand injury that affects my ability to crochet! hopefully you can figure out a way to bandage it so it doesn’t interfere too much!

  • A story to make you feel better lol

    Once upon a time;
    I had a nasty cut and 3 stitches at the urgent care center (and a round of antibiotics) later, I have a cute little scar and know better than to cut frozen bagels.

    The End.

  • Matty


    “melded into my boo-boo!”

    Classic, hope you feel better soon chook! :o)

  • jami


    ouch-a-roonie! I sliced a chunk off my middle finger at summer camp, way back in the year 1999, ruffling through my toiletry bag. Had to be on stage asap too. Spent the entire performance staring at the blood seeping trough my bandage.

  • I was carving into linolium for a lino cut print and my hands were sweaty from working so quickly and my cutting hand slipped and dug into a finger on my opposite hand. The cut was a quarter of an inch in length and all stingy kind of hurt. I just put a band aid on it and figured I’d be good. But it kept sort of tingling. A classmate of mine kept bugging me to go to the campus walk-in, and I refused until finally I let him take me just to shut him up. When I got there the first nurse said it was nothing. The second nurse said maybe I’d need a stitch. Then the doctor saw me and I ended up with 3 stitches. The cut looked tiny but was deep. I’d maybe have it checked out, especially if the bandage has fused with your skin!

    • Twinkie Chan!


      i managed to soak the bandage remnant odd after the 2nd day!!! i think it will be ok. it’s just really inconvenient!!!

  • Laurel


    when people cut themselves at work (I’m a chef) they first band-aid it, then cut off a finger of a latex glove to wear over it. does a pretty good job if you want to have minimal bandage and not get blood everywhere. sorry you got razor-cut

    • i think i would have started running blood under the latex and out the bottom!

  • Jules Chan


    Oh no, sorry to hear this and thanks for showing us all the gore.. Ha!! Hope you get better soon, you need that very important finger!
    btw, I went through one of those x-ray things, no biggie, not sure if they really see us in the nude but what the hell, its their nightmare if its true!

    • Twinkie Chan!


      HAHHAHHAH you have a good attitude about the xray . I had to go through it on the way home. I had also just heard about how ppl were afraid you could get cancer or something by going through it too often!

  • Sarah


    Try superglue. I use it on hand wounds so that I can keep working. It’s amazing!

    • is that sanitary!? i cant even get the small piece of bandage off yet. it is my scab !

      • Ravynne


        Poor Twinkie-Chan!

        Superglue was actually created for military field medics to close wounds fast. That’s why it’s *sooo* good at sticking skin to skin. If you can get it clean and dry and not oozing, put a layer of superglue over it and let it cure…it’ll seal the skin and let it heal.

        Happy healing!

        • This is concept is so weird and scary!! Heheh I think I’d be afraid to try!!!

  • Grimm


    Ya know I can sit in the OR with my wife as she gets a C-Section and watch as they pull my son out…this made me do a: AGHHAHAHAH huhhuh :faint:, look :faint again: hope you can get the business done.

  • Cate


    Eeep girl that looks nasty poor you, hope you can still work with it xoxo

  • Maggi


    Oh no, so sorry you cut your finger! I hope it heals quickly!

  • Cupcake Unicorn


    Leave the gauze in the scab it will be fine. Just recover it when you need to. Letting the air get to it will speed the healing. Silver coated band-aids help heal faster too. I did this with a razor to my hand a while ago and the gauze got stuck. I was told not to peel it off or it will just keep reopening it and scar. Hope you can crochet without pain again soon x

    • Twinkie Chan!


      thanks for the comment! it made me feel better about leaving it on for as long as i felt comfortable!

  • Janna Lynn


    Oh no! I am super accident prone, so I understand. I would invest in a septic pencil, it clots blood or bread will clot blood too, so once you peel the stuck on gauze if it reopens your scab, apply some bread to the wound, this will clot it up, then put neosporin or a+d ointment-whatever you have really- on it (help fight infection and keep other things from sticking to it), then dress the wound again. Change your dressing atleast once a day (prob around shower time) and I would put the latex glove finger cut out over the bulky bandaging. This will help you not snag as you work. Good luck and Happy Healing, Hearts, Janna Lynn

    • Twinkie Chan!


      thank you!!!! we use the styptic stuff on the dogs’ nails, but i never thought about using it on myself!

  • San Smith


    holy crap!! That looks painful/frustrating D:

    • Twinkie Chan!


      i’m such a baby! it was so small but super hurty! it’s much better now although I still do everything with my middle finger now!

  • OH NO! YOU CUT YOUR FINGER! I HOPE IT GETS BETTER SOON!>: HOW ARE YOU GOING TO WORK WITH YOUR FINGER? Well, from reading this coments everyone wants you to get better! from brianna

    • Twinkie Chan!


      I’m trying to use the other fingers more to make up for my busted finger!!

  • Caz


    I have one word OUCHY!!! Hope you are ok! I can’t stand blood…my blood anywayz…i don’t know how you managed to stay conscious…i’d have been out like a light 😛

  • Oh man – feeling for you!

    I know when I got really really bad blisters on my fingers from playing the bass, the best thing was super glue on the wound. I know that sounds sore and scary, but it was originally (apparently) designed to be used in the war to hold together sores etc without stitches. It makes a hard cover for your finger so you can go on doing what you do best!

    p.s. my hubby secretly bought me your book for my birthday and I was soooooooo excited (even scared the kids by screaming in the car when I unwrapped it).

    Love your work!!

  • Michele


    OMG! I hope it’s healing and better now.

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