Seattle Book Signings!

Here’s my book at Borders. We pulled it out a little so you could see my creepy face peeking out at you.

SEATTLE!!! COME SEE MY CREEPY FACE! Don’t let it down! Make every other city in the world jealous and come out and see IT!! 😉

I’m signing books all weekend in your fair city. Click HERE for more info.

12/3/10 – Third Place Books (Ravenna), Seattle, 7:00pm – signing, audio/video extravaganza, crochet class (gingerbread man!). This is the only event in Seattle where you’ll get to see my awesome Power Point presentation. Free gift bags while they last! Possible Yummy You pop up shop. Do you guys want me to bring the Yummy You scarves?

12/4/10 & 12/5/10 – Urban Craft Uprising winter show, Seattle – signing books Saturday 12:00pm-1:00pm, Sunday 2:00pm-3:00pm (These are just me sitting at a table signing books and shaking hands and taking pictures with babies. Very low time commitment for you, plus, you can check out the craft show and shop!) Should I bring my fake tattoos to sell at the table?

12/5/10 – Fiber Gallery, Seattle, 4:00pm-6:00pm – crochet class. We’ll be making cupcakes! Free gift bags if I still have them. Gimme a break! They charge you for extra luggage now!

Here are some photos from a few of my past events. We haven’t gotten video of anything yet. We’ll try in Seattle!

Here’s me and Brianna at the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica. She brought me a drawing. Isn’t she the bestest!!?? I look like I have the demon eye in this picture.

So here’s the version where Brianna has the demon eye. As it turns out, she had better pictures on her blog!

This was an interesting signing. There was some mix-up with the time, and people had just been waiting around waiting for me to arrive. Then, the audio/video presentation was sort of choppy because their projector kept overheating and they tried to cool it down with a sack of frozen fruit. I felt a bit out of my element, since my talk had been based on my power point presentation, but everything worked out. Everyone asked LOTS and lots of questions, and all was good!

Here’s my very first crochet class!

We’re at my favorite local yarn shop, ImagiKnit! I have been shopping here for years, so it was very awesome to me personally to end up signing books here. People, I do not know how to teach, especially crochet!! I had no idea what I was doing, and we had people there of all skill levels, so I kinda didn’t know what to do with myself. Luckily, Katelyn (sp??) from the shop was there to help out!

Here’s a pic of me and Anna, who provided the ImagiKnit picture!

Finally, here is a pic of the audience at my signing at Stories in Echo Park/L.A. I think we are all watching the video!

I had taken a short video clip from the front of the room, but it turned out too dark. I wanted to capture Shrinkle cowering in embarrassment about her music video appearance.

Anywayyyys, I will be in Seattle this weekend and then Portland next weekend! With a booth at the Academy of Science here in SF in between! More info soon!

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  • yay! jeclous and sad i missed. planning, hoping to make it to Renegade to freak you out with my lolita energy.

    • there should be some kind of clever term for freaky lolita energy!

  • Croshame


    Look at that! Tee hee. I’m totally reblogging that Imagiknit pic. It was so fun seeing you in action and I’m glad I got a chance to actually introduce myself, even if I was a bad student and a little late to class (sorry, everything I saw said 4:30!). Haven’t had time to do anything from the book yet, but I plan on doing a mash-up scarf with a little bit of everything in it… I like the thought of giving people’s eyeballs indigestion.
    Good luck with all your book signings! I’m hoping to make it to Academy’s Crafty Nitelife thingy and Renegade, so maybe I’ll see you there.
    Take care and have a safe trip to Seattle!

    • Mix-ups in start-times are kind of the trademark of all my signings! Ahah! It was super great meeting you! The Academy thing is weird. I said I’d make a project dependent on my location (as in, “I am flexible”) but never got any info about location. I’m just gonna make it up….

  • poohknit


    You have had a busy schedule and it’s still not over!!!! Good luck!!!
    I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon for an All Fiber Retreat sponsered by Susan McFarland from Susan’s Fiber Shop outside of Columbus, WI. It’s a whole weekend of fun, knit/crocheting or whatever you want to do, laughing, mini classes, and more laughing, and lets not forget eating and drinking. Most of it is just soda but, wou’d never know it by the way we get going!!!!!!LOL!!! She has 3 a year for almost 12 yrs now and I’ve been to all but 2 I think. It’s just what I need right now!!!

  • Jules Chan


    Excellent!!! Very cool with everything thats happening for you.
    And how sweet of Brianna..

  • Janna Lynn


    Those look like awesomely successful and fun events! You must feel such a great sense of accomplishment! Awesome…I need to work on getting together your Michigan Fan Club, if I actually get that going…don’t worry we would have a signing in the summer…you’d freeze out here! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • Dee


    Reading your blog is so fun! You are such an original ray of sunshine! Keep lighting the world. Hope you have lots of success and then you can visit your fans in Hawaii!!

  • I will look for you on Sunday! How exciting! I love seeing fellow crocheters succeeding! Woot!


  • Nikki


    Hmm… I think I’ll go to to BOTH, Ravenna (my old hood) and to the craft fair :B soak up the Twinkie Chan vibrance!

  • I am sooooo happy you put the picture of us on your blog. Even if we have funny eyes! I had such a fun time. I really hope I get to meet you again.

    • I just went to your blog! you have a photo where neither of us have demon eye!!!!!!

      p.s. do you want me to link to your blog in my entry? let me know!

  • kimberly


    Repp’n for the east coast and the south (Atlanta, GA) I wish you were touring here. Have fun in Washington. I love your book and got my sugar on top book and TC button today. Im so jazzed! Continued success to you.

  • amy lapi


    omg best book promo video ever. actually best video ever.

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