The Little Things

Instant hot cocoa and home-made coconut whipped cream!

8 Comments on “The Little Things”

  • Cassie


    Ooohh! That sounds so yummy :)!

  • Sonya


    Ohh, goodness! Coconut whipped cream sounds absolutely heavenly right about now!

  • Lauren


    Whipped Cocount Cream??? That’s a great idea! I love cocount.

    Just whip the thick part of the cream/milk?

    Must try it!

    • Hairy whips up a carton of whipping cream!

  • Cupcake Unicorn


    …oh my word YUM!!

  • chinamommy


    details… real coconut or coconut flavoring added?? YUM!

  • Shorty


    I bet that smells and tastes soooo good!

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