Worst outfit post in the history of everything!

dress: I’m Your Present, star brooch: Pizzicato Kei

So, I was trying to take a pic of my outfit in my bedroom mirror, but our mirror is really close to the bed, so I can’t get any distance from it. Time to think of alternate mirror solutions!!! 😛

On Saturday, Hairy and I went to the Mountain Winery in Saratoga to see Margaret Cho. The venue is really cool. I can see a lot of old people diggin’ on it to drink some wines, eat some foods, and listen to some classical musics. Too bad it was super dark by the time we got there. I bet it would have been really pretty.

3 Comments on “Worst outfit post in the history of everything!”

  • haha, so i read that as ‘worst outfit in the history of everything’!
    here i am not knowing what to expect, but interested to see what you consider the worst outfit….and then i realized i’d read it wrong 🙂 which is a good thing, ’cause from what i can tell, the outfit’s pretty cute!

  • San Smith


    Hahaha, aw you look cute from what we can see! Our full length mirror is in the closet and its too dark to take outfit photos. What is the bunny thing?? The sequins on it are super pretty.

    • The bunnies are part of a pair of suspenders!!!

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