Trapped in a Basement. Be Back in 5.

I got a call from my BFF yesterday to keep her company during her all-nighter sewing costumes for the show she is designing.

I packed up my yarn and my laptop and drove down to the Peninsula around 10pm. We got junk food and sat in a musty theater basement until 6 am. I worked on editing photos for the Etsy update, and then I helped her sew some buttons. I realized how much I hate sewing snaps onto things!! SHEESH!!

When I decided I had to drive back home, she was still in the shop, sewing away! I hope she had a great opening night!!!

Oh, in case you don’t follow me in Twitter, I got my roots done today, and since I didn’t have time to buy more pink hair dye, I just brought in the red that I had at home. It’s funny how different you feel with just a slight change in color. I already miss my pink head!

14 Comments on “Trapped in a Basement. Be Back in 5.”

  • Piper


    pretty red, did you use special effects candy apple?

  • mel


    lol, jack in the box ๐Ÿ™‚

    • OMG it’s seriously the only place open late in her neighborhood!

    • dude, I just cut them straight across with the same scissors I open dog treats with. HAHAHHAH. maybe that was TMI…

      • You should cut my bangs the next time it needs trimming.

  • Christine Kennedy


    that read is absolutely gorgeous!


  • kelly


    watching video without audio is pretty funny.

    red looks good!

  • Iz


    haha, when you started lip syncing to Journey I laughed out loud. You’re way cute!

  • Sandy


    I like the red! It’s great…. just like pink only a little darker *lol* It’ll wash out then it’s pink again

  • BetseyJ


    I absolutely love the red! I’ve been on the journey from black to red this summer and I’m finally almost at the shade I want to be. I do adore your pink but red is just my absolute fav!


  • the red is fun “glam night time Twinkiechan”

    • hehheh … i’m not vampy enough for my hair! ๐Ÿ˜›

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