Renegade Craft Fair – San Francisco, 2010!

I couldn’t wait to post my crappy video and photos from the craft fair :P. I don’t know why the video ended up so low in quality once uploaded to YouTube…I gotta try to figure that out for future posts. I created a new YouTube account for my Twinkie Chan videos: TwinkieChanTV. I had a plain old TwinkieChan account that I mostly used for Bibi videos (hehhe) but I will now post my people videos to the new account.

Anyway, here is a video snippet from the show. Sorry again it’s so fuzzy. Also sorry again for the shaky, nausea-inducing, Blair Witch camera work. I get self-conscious about shooting video of my own booth, and I do it as quickly as possible! πŸ˜›

We went with a food cart – theme. I put most of the scarves in a chaffing tray and a lemon slice scarf in a pitcher :). The table display itself could use some fine-tuning, but overall I think we did a great job considering this was all put together in like 4 days after work! Here is a funny sketch I made of the cart before we built it!

We shared our booth space with Elsie, Emma, and Red Velvet Art. They are cute as can be, and so super sweet. They are very special gals, and I was so excited to meet them even though I was cracked out on sleep deprivation and could not form language very well! You can see Elsie’s photos and thoughts on the fair here for DAY ONE and DAY TWO.

And now…. my photos!!

I made my banner out of felt and glue at 10am after an all-nighter. I’m shocked you can recognize the letters! Hehehe.

We made this little chalkboard sign out of two pieces of wood, some hinges, and chalkboard paint! I was kinda like, “Ugh, I don’t have the brainpower to deal with this little project!” but Hairy insisted and it turned out super cute.

Here’s a side view of the cart. As it turned out, the rear/tail-lights end of the cart was more visible in our final configuration. We had headlights in front! πŸ˜›

Here’s the other side. You can sorta see me and Elsie chatting inside!

The front! And Elysse’s BUTT:

Blurry pic of my cupcake tower of coffee cup cozies. As it turns out, the cupcake had angled surfaces and this was not a stable platform for the cozies, so they kept tumbling down…

I recently became obsessed with shopping for vintage lucite beads, and I made some stretchy bracelets on Friday before the show. A lot of my favorites were purchased at the fair, but there are some left overs I think I may keep for myself! Heheh.

I never made rings before, but I am kind of into it!!! Espesh if they look like jello!

CutieDynamite came by for a visit and gave me a little piece of hair candy. It put it on right away!!! So sweet!

Here’s a pic of me and Hairy that I stole from ZenCupcake whom I also met for the first time! She’s so energetic and so nice! Check out how my big my face is compared to Hairy’s!

Here’s Emma, Me, Elsie, and Vivianna!

Overall, I was so happy with how the booth physically turned out, and I really enjoyed meeting lots of new faces. It’s fun to see people from 6 year olds to 60 year olds feel delighted by your work. One little kid exclaimed “Everything is so yummy!” and another woman commented, “How can you not feel happy looking at all this?”

Thank you everyone for visiting!!!

To those who could not make it: I will be working hard to shoot photos of items leftover and getting them onto Etsy :).

53 Comments on “Renegade Craft Fair – San Francisco, 2010!”

  • Your stand looks amazing! I actually heard about the fire alarm thingy from another seller there so I was kinda confused I was thinking..has she said that before??

    But it looked super fun!

    The whole stand looks amazing!

    • Thank you!!! I keep hearing that the fire alarm is quite common at fairs. It was my first one!

  • looks like you had a rad time! i hope i can mosey my East Coast behind over to Renegade sometime and check stuff out! πŸ™‚

    those jello rings are so neat! i love them and i also adore those bracelets. πŸ™‚ i’m practically bursting at the seams for you to open the Yummy You site and get that up and running. i can’t imagine really how much time and dedication it takes for you and all your team.

    just know that the fans of you and your work really do appreciate that and appreciate you as well! πŸ™‚

    have a super great day! πŸ™‚
    x x x

    • ellen! this was such a super sweet and nice note! Awww πŸ™‚ thank you!!

      the Yummy You site keeps experiencing delays :(. I am so excited to get it out there, but there are things out of my hands!

  • Kt


    Niiiiice! I can’t wait to see what you put up on Etsy, I must have a cupcake scarf! I would have loved to go all the way out to the craft fair and meet all of you lovely ladies, but that requires teleportation or an expensive plane ticket πŸ™ Glad you had a good time! Thanks for posting so many great photos!

    • I often which for teleportation as well!!!

  • Crazy Spork I Am


    Aw, I love the way your booth turned out!

    • Thank yooooooo!!!! It’s the first booth I’ve put together that I actually want to use again and again and again!

  • rach


    congrats on another successful fair!! love the new rings(they do look nommy hehe) and braclets!!

    • Thank you!!

      I can never decide whether to make stuff like bracelets and rings cuz I know people expect crochet items from me!

  • Sarah


    i love your booth!
    and the display with the lemon scarf coming out of the pitcher is my fav πŸ™‚

  • Jodie


    Your booth is SO ADORABLE, actually its just kinda what I would expect from you, super cute and happy πŸ™‚
    I wish I could see your booth irl someday, im glad you had fun too.

    • Thanks so much, Jodie!!! The fairs are exhausting, but I came out of it with a very positive feeling πŸ™‚

  • zambicandy


    God seriously I love your booths! This and the fridge are my faves! SO cute! I also love the todays specials…NOW I WANT TACOS.

    • I loved the fridge, too, but it was so goshdarned heavy!! πŸ˜›

  • Amy


    Sad I couldn’t make it! What’d you do to set the fire alarm off, Twinkie?!

    • The answer to this is obvious: I farted. And lit it on fire.

  • It was great meeting you and Hairy (Matt.) Your booth was adorable! Of course, I am thrilled with my new Twinkie Chan cupcake scarf. I ca’t wait until your book comes out.

    Till next time,
    Twinkie Fan Girl,
    Zen aka Robyn

    • SOOO NICE TO MEET YOU ROBYN!!!! You are so cute and bubbly!!

  • sheppicakes


    Aaah! Jello rings! Must. Have. One.


    • I wish LA still had Felt Club! Is there a good LA craft fair that you like ?

      • sheppicakes


        I haven’t been to a craft fair for a very long time actually. I know Renegade came down to LA two weekends ago, but I didn’t have time to go at all :[ I wish LA still had Bizarre Bazaar! Who’s taking away LA’s craft fairs?! Wah!

        Are the jello rings gonna be available on your website or on etsy?

  • Michele


    Ahhhh, your cart is so cute and I love the faux grass there! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you!!! Yeah we have been using faux grass for every show. We have it inside our house! πŸ™‚

  • Kayleigh


    Your stand makes me want cheeseburgers, donuts and candyfloss! Yum!

    Lovin’ your wears!

    • Thank you!!! MMMMM i need to make more goodies that like that that actually belong in the food cart! Hehhe

  • chinamommy


    OH MY… so stinkin’ CUTE!! I wish so much I could drive over for that, but Michigan is a bit far… dang it! I am trying to forget the pre-order of your book so it can surprise me in Nov, but I am so excited about it!!! Crochet-Today mag give-away on my blog if you are so interested…FYI πŸ™‚

    • Thank you thank you!!!! Yes, Michigan is a bit far for a drive πŸ˜›

  • Tatiana


    It was so cool to see you and your amazing pieces at Renegade. I remember seeing your goodies on livejournal back in the old days. πŸ™‚ It’s great to see that you’re still around making amazing things. You’re such an inspiration!

    • Thanks so much for all your support!! πŸ™‚

  • Erin


    Dude, that hamburger cozy is amazing! Love your display — you should be proud!

    • Aw thank you! I couldn’t have done it without Hairy!

  • Elysse!



    1. you should have told me to move my ass! I was totally blocking your cute booth in the video! durr!

    2. if I would have known you were going to set your video to that song, I would have done a little dance for you. I freaking love H&O!

    • THe H&O was a very last minute decision. I never really plan the music. It all magically comes together at the end. Hheheheh

  • Jules Chan


    Well Done girl, Everything looked marvellous, Glad I got to see it finally.

    • Thanks for visiting!!!!!! I really appreciated it!!

      • Jules Chan


        Your welcome, its just a shame we had to bring Dax!! : )

  • 2 blog loves in one photo, worlds crashing..too weird too weird.

    • The fair could have sucked big ones but it was still cool since I shared a booth with Elsie πŸ™‚

  • Fay


    Ohhh that video is just adorable, haha! I wish I could come to Renegade, unfortunately, I’m on the wrong side of the world!

    The booth looked amazing, you must have had an awesome day


    • I definitely met a LOT of people !!!

  • Vivianna


    Your booth was so amazing! we need to hangout soon… πŸ™‚


    • AGREEEEEE!!!! We should do like a Samovar/ImagiKnit Sunday date!

  • Sylvette Marie


    Hi Twinkie Chan, Im so happy that all your hard work is pay… your booth is so unique like you.. I like it so much! And the jar looking like lemonade with the scarf soo cool…

    Sylvette Marie

    • Aw thank you so much!! !It’s the first booth display that I really love and can’t wait to use again and improve on!

  • Desiree'


    Your stuff looks amazing! And you and Elsie were both dressed super cute. I’ll need to make plans next year to go. It looks like it was lots of fun. But I’d probably go broke buying all of your stuff. haha

    • Aw, you can’t go broke buying a $5 bracelet πŸ˜‰ hehehheheh

  • McKayla


    AWW! Jello Rings are amazing!! πŸ™‚ Where did you get those cabochons (or whatever they are?)

  • Sandy


    The video has been blocked by Sony music – bummer :-(((((
    The cart looks fabulous and that pic of you and Hairy is so sweet

    • Bummer!!! I tried to support youtube, but I guess I will go back to VIMEO……

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