I went to Ikea and All I Got Was This Kakor Havreflarn.

Hairy and I went to Ikea today for some color inspiration. I didn’t find much there tonight, but we did come away with these cookies with the funny name!

My life, among other things, is all about these right now:

I’m not very good at visualizing color in a big space like a room, and I get really stressed out about it. I have to remember that it’s just paint, and you can always paint OVER it.

Retro Minty Kitschen:

Serene, Candy Blue Master Bedroom (I haven’t found paint chips I really like yet for this room. Everything I pulled was too baby-blue.):

Girlie Barbie Bathroom:

Bold Blue Dining Room:

Sunshine Yellow Craft Room and Grass Green accent wall for Living Room:

Hairy’s Man Cave with Bright Red Door Frame Accent:

It looks like we’re moving! I’m partly excited, and partly overwhelmed. The only constant in life is change!

18 Comments on “I went to Ikea and All I Got Was This Kakor Havreflarn.”

  • Saga


    Oooh havreflarn, one of my favorite cookies! Haha it’s not such a strange name actually, “havre” means oat and “flarn” means thin (even though it’s an uncommon word). “Kakor” means cookies too, if you didn’t guess that already~! 😉

    • Thank you for the translation! That’s really cool!

  • Brigitte


    lol, love the title! It’s funny how painting a room is like a mini-identity crisis in a way. I agonized over the shade of teal/turquoise until I bought “Mermaid’s Treasure” and loved it, I figured the name was a sign! lol

    • That is definitely a good sign!!! I found this color called MAC N CHEESE. I love the name, but the color not so much hehhhe

  • Emily


    Oy! I’m going thru the same thing. Getting a whole color scheme for the house. You can get tester sized paints for most colors at Home Depot and probably Lowe’s, too. They are smaller jars for about $3 – $4. That way you don’t paint a whole wall and go “HOLY CRAP!” LOL

    • Yep yep!!!! Trying to at least narrow down our choices first! 😉

  • Pants


    We bought our first place almost 2 years ago now and still haven’t painted most of the rooms. I ended up painting our bathroom and the adjoining master bedroom over Summer by myself (retro peppermint greens, oh my!) and just got to painting my office a few months ago.

    It’s a pain trying to make time to paint and even more painful to drop hundreds on colours! (but extremely fun)


    • Sometimes I just think having white walls is easier!!! HEHEHE but since the space is empty now, it seems a great opportunity to paint the whole thing before the furniture goes in!

  • I recently painted our kitchen lime green and i love it. Everywhere else is white but i want to paint it all now xx

  • i love paint chip, i have been known to just nab them when hubs drags me to Lowes

    • I do, too! Especially if the paint has a funny name.

  • Jamie


    I love your colors! I wish I had a house to paint! (Even though it’s usually kind of a pain in the ass…) XD

  • Sylvette Marie


    Well my kitchen is Lime greem and my room is stripe with 2 pink colors pink soft and pink Pink … I love colors …

  • Michelle


    Love your colors. I would have trouble with colors too and the whole house would end up white. 🙁 But when I saw the colors I wondered if you were moving. I’m guessing you are? 🙂 Congrats! Sounds exciting. I can’t wait to see which of these color combos makes it to the final cut. 🙂

  • Amanda


    Maybe you should try thinking of your own ideas. You’re so pathetic and dorky.

    • Thanks for the sage advice, oh wise one!

      • Chandra


        You are the most creative unique all around cool person I’ve ever seen! Keep up the good work, there are few out there like you *^^*

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