A post that actually pertains to crocheting!

I had complained recently on Twitter that I couldn’t crochet for very long because I would start getting a sore spot or blister on my pinky. I then wrap it up in a bandaid for padding, but the Bandaid Method just seemed ridiculous.

Elisha suggested I try out the Hamanaka crochet hooks, which you can find on eBay and Etsy. They are a bit pricey: $50 for a full set, so I opted to purchase just one hook off eBay. They sure are cute, tho!

Pic taken from this Etsy shop.

They are double ended, so you actually get 10 hooks altogether. I was hesitant to try out the Hamanaka because the hook itself is very different than what I am used to. I use a cheapo aluminum Susan Bates set. It’s what Grandma Wendleton started me on back in the day, and I have never strayed. The Susan Bates hook has kind more of a wedgey area for the yarn to get lodged into. The Hamanaka and Clover hooks have more a swoopy curvey area.

This blog has a really good comparison photo, with my favorite Susan Bates style on the right, and the swoopier curvier kind on the left.

I have tried using the Hamanaka on a few small things here and there…and my yarn keeps slipping off the hook! I will give it a little more time, but I wonder how difficult or important it is for me to change my crochet style to adjust to the hook.

I have also seen crochet hooks covered in polymer clay, like this:

So I wonder how much that helps in avoiding blisters as well.

I actually bought a bunch of polymer clay for another secret project, so I might experiment. I’ll letcha know if I do, unless it turns out super ugly and I have to go hide.

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  • Laika Doll


    Oh wow! I’ll have to check these hooks out, they’re amazing! Thanks for posting 🙂
    -Laika Doll

    • I hope they work out for ya! 🙂

  • Airemiss


    i usually buy those rubber grippers, but im not sure that would help since they are short. the clay idea is very cool!

    • I will have to play around a little…I think rubber grippers or pencil pillows are a safer bet than me throwing my crochet hook in the oven with a hunk of clay on it hehhehehhe

  • Beth


    Personally, I’m a bamboo gal myself….hooks and needles. I’ve never had a problem with “slippage” or boo-boo’s from crochet. Do you have a death-grip on the hook or something, hon? 🙂

    The clay-covered hook is grogeous…will yours be covered with cupcakes instead of roses?


    • I never see bamboo hooks at my Michael’s….and yarn shops seem skewed toward knitters, and then I get lazy about buying one online…I should look into it!!!

    • I think I may need to stuff something around the crochet hook too, since it’s smaller than a pencil, but I will definitely try it out!

    • I think the Clover hooks are also more swoopy than wedgey?

  • Thea


    There are susan bates hooks with bamboo handles (they look kind of like the clay wrapped ones) Ive seen them for sale in regular craft stores.

    • I need to check this out!! I’ve never seen it at my craft stores. I’ll look online!

      • Thea


        i saw them at joann fabrics (does that exist on the west coast? im from maryland and go to uni in vancouver bc… they dont have joanns in vancouver) I have also seen them online so you should be able to find them there at least. and they arent too much more then regular susan bates hooks if you look

  • Wow, I would like to have bamboo with the clay handle. The best of both worlds. Can’t wait to see what you do with the polymer clay. I haven’t worked with it yet, but I bought some a few months ago then lost my inspiration…hehe

    • I keep putting off bringing out the clay, too! It’s just a totally different mindset!

  • Alyssa


    Hey! this has nothing to do with this but anyway, I was on delia’s website today and I saw Yummy You shirts! Congratulations! 😀

    • Omg I didn’t know they were already up! I need to send them my VLOG about it! EEP!

    • Oh nice! I didn’t know!
      My Michael’s doesn’t seem to have a broad range of hooks to choose from, so I’ve never seen the bamboo Susan bates.

      • Jane S


        I get them at Hobby Lobby.

        • Ah yes, we don’t have those! I should remember to check one out when I’m somewhere they exist! 😉

  • sara


    For me the bests are anatomic clover´s

    • One of my crochet elves also likes those….but it’s the Clover hook that I have problems with using for some reason!

  • hi! i totally know what you mean about the difference in crocheting on each hook type.

    i once saw a tutorial about using those pencil pillows (linked in comments above) but first rolling some adhesive putty around the crochet hook, then sliding the pencil pillow around it so it stays in place.

    it’s totally helped me crochet longer…

    here’s what the putty looks like:

    • Thank you for link to adhesive!!! If you happen to come across the tutorial again, I would love to see it!

  • sara


    i can´t use normal hooks, because of my bones problems, when i´m crocheting for 5 minutes they start to crack and hurt, that´s why i changed to clover´s

  • sara


    anyway i never used the correct position to grab a pencil or a pen when i write something. and i think i saw some hooks like clover´s but with a more soft and tender (like rubber for the pencils)cover, if i remember where i saw it, i´ll try to send it to you the link. ^_^ (sorry for my bad english, i´m spanish)

  • Nicole


    My friend Dianne is an insane hooker (in the crochet sense! haha) and gets blisters and such when she is on a crochet roll.
    She started buying cro-hooks so that she wouldn’t get jabbed in the finger all the time.
    It’s the bottom one in this photo
    The middle one would work as well. Basically, she just needs something that is longer than her hand so it doesn’t jab her. She gets hers at Michael’s (in Candada, not sure if that would make a difference!)

    • Wow! Those are crazy long!

      Yeah the length/stabbing isn’t really the issue for me….I really must just have a death grip on the darn things! THank you for the link, tho! It’s interesting to see all the options that work for each person!

  • Lee


    Blisters. The crochter’s worst enemy >_<!

    Would be interested to find out if the clay makes a difference in preserving your fingies!!
    Much love,
    Lee xox

  • Emily


    Thanks for sharing! My problem is my fingers getting sore, I don’t actually get blisters but my fingers crap. I’m probably squeezing the crap outta my hooks haha

  • Duong


    I recently got back into crocheting and I’m starting to get a blister on my ring finger. 🙁
    I was thinking of putting a bandaid on like you to prevent it from getting worse. I wonder if there’s a thimble-like tool for crocheters?

  • Hands down the most comfortable crochet hooks I have ever tried are the Japanese “Etimo” hooks by Tulip. Caron Yarn company is supposed to be selling them on their website as of September 1st! They are sold individually and as sets.

    • Thank you for the rec!!!

      I have tried some cushioned Japanese hooks… but I prefer the Susan Bates-type of hook and it’s hard for me to crochet with the more curvy kind of hooks. I just need to pad my own Susan Bates! 😉 Or something!

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