“Who the shit is Kingsley Zissou?”

The Life Aquatic is one of my favey fave movies. I wanted them to come out with a ton of Team Zissou memorabilia, but mostly all you could find was red hats!!!

Anyway, I randomly searched Etsy for Zissou swag recently, and I bought a Team Zissou Ring!!

Proud Junior Member!! Join the team at Steve Zissou’s Etsy shop hehehe.

In other news, I haven’t done an outfit post in a while, so here is what I’m wearing today:

Dress: Nicole Lindner. (vote for her for this Detroit Designers Contest!)

Leggings: I’m You Present

Necklace: Cicely Margo

Shoes: Miz Mooz. I’m actually just trying to wear these as much as possible and break them in so that they don’t break my feets when I take them to the East Coast next week!

23 Comments on ““Who the shit is Kingsley Zissou?””

  • didi


    OMG! I love that movie! Totally awesome.. I am now investigating my own junior membership!



    • oh look, I found a comment of yours I didn’t respond to.

  • Beth


    Did you get new specs and I missed it?

    You look GAWJUS today!

    • Aw fankyoo Beth!!!

      Well, I did buy new frames, but I didn’t put lenses in them yet…..

      There is something about them…I think the bridge is too wide, so I can kind of see it in between my eyes. I don’t think that’s good for your eyesight HEHEHEH especially as an everyday pair!

  • San Smith


    I love that movie so much – did they send you the little card saying you were an honorary member too? hehe…

    • San Smith


      whoops – missed it had your name in that photo! answered my own question :B

  • Michelle


    The top pic made me giggle. I have yet to see this movie, but I plan to take a peek this weekend at it. And love your outfit. You always look so cute, so jealous here. 😉

  • Diana


    You can also print out your own Team Zissou ID card for free on the site. I took mine with a red cap a few years ago =)

    I’m not sure if the site is still up, but you can print all the documents there for free, too. However, the site doesn’t contain that amazing TZ ring!

  • Piper


    gosh i love this movie *.* by the way i have been a vegetarian for years and i finally said “what the purple mountains am i doing not eating delicious things?!” to break my vegetarian ways i decided to eat a hotdog so please tell me what you put in the hotdog you twitpiced?…i can literally smell hot dogs…

    • Did you get your hot dog?! Hehehe. The hot dog Hairy made at home did not have a lot of bells and whistles. I think it was mostly mustard and parsley 😛

      • piper


        sadly no, instead i changed my mind right as i was about to eat the hotdog and i went vegan hahaha

  • Erin


    This is AMAZING! This is also one of my all-time favorite movies. I am going over to this shop right now! 🙂

    • The shop does not have much stuff! Did you get anything?

    • Thank you! All your little stuffies are really cute.

      Do you vend at the craft fairs in the Bay?

  • Danielle


    Ooo Thank you:) I have done 2 very small ones in santa cruz and 2 baz biz’s 1 being the last winter one that I sorta met you at but I was nervous/cold/tired :/ and I didnt go the 2nd day. I’d like to do more but I’m wary of people.

    • omg I am a big ree-ree!! Sorry!! Now I remember who you are!! SHEEESH!!! I am getting really senile!!!

      Yeah whenever I do them, I’m like, “I’m never doing this ever again.” And then I go and do it again.

  • Danielle


    that’s oook :3 <–ball face is my fave. You should watch the video I made after i woke up from a nap after that first day (at like 3am) I had also watched handmade nation and it mostly irritated me :/ youtube "indie socks" if you wanna see 🙂

    • OMG THAT IS SO HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! Wear em low.

      I haven’t seen handmade nation yet!

  • Danielle


    Thank you thank you 😀 ps. you should enter my poilu giveaway! 3rd post down on my blog.

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