Let me tell you about the Easter Marauders

Let me tell you about the Easter Mauraders.

Easter is my bestie Manda’s favorite holiday. One year, I visited her for Easter while she was in college in San Diego. On that Saturday, her big brother drove us to Mexico to eat some awesome food. Manda and I sat in the back seat of his convertible and got our hairz whipped into a frenzy. That night, Manda REALLY wanted to dye eggs, so at around midnight, we ran to the store and bought eggs and dye and all manner of candy and decorations.

We spent hours making all this Easter business, and we had nothing really to do with all of it. We decided to Easter-bomb her big brother’s house. We packed up the car, and drove over to his place.

His neighborhood was REALLY QUIET. We wanted to surprise him and his family by decorating his back and front yard with Easter madness. It was like 4 o clock in the morning, and we couldn’t stop laughing. Our shoes crunching on the gravel made us laugh. Tiptoeing on the lawn made us laugh. And as we laughed, Manda farted. We were the WORST marauders EVER!!!! Do NOT hire us for your top secret missions!!

We had also blown up balloons and decorated them to look like Easter eggs and we set them afloat in his pool. We went all out. We covered his bushes in streamers.  I was afraid the whole time he would hear weird noises outside and come after us with a shot gun or a baseball bat. None of that happened tho. It was actually really funny, and he didn’t get mad at us for ruining his yards. HAHAH.

Anyway, we had such a fun time of this, that we wanted to Easter Maraud someone every year. One year, when we were living together and I carried her spare car key, I marauded the inside of her car. But of course, when you commit yourself to such an annual task, you are probably bound to not live up to it at some point. I feel like this year, we were both really busy. I didn’t even buy one single thing for Easter. Look at my photo above from today. It looks like I was dressed for the wrong holiday! AHAHAH.

I ended up having coffee with my friend Margaret who was visiting from Houston, and this was her only full day in town. They just had to put her dog down like a week ago, and it made me want to run home and snuzzle Bibi. Afterwards, I hung out with Manda and she lavished me with about 20 pounds of Easter chocolates!!!!!! She so crazy.

Earlier in the day, she had an Easter get-together with her BF and some of his friends. One of them, from Ireland, made this interesting dessert:

It’s chocolate chip cookies, soaked in sherry, covered in homemade whipped cream and fresh strawberries. I asked Manda what shape the cake was in before it was cut up into piece, and she said A HORSESHOE!! I have never heard of such a dessert!! It smelled really boozy, but didn’t taste super boozy, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I was eating cookies moistened with liquor.

When I got home, Hairy had cooked a tasty din din, so we ate and watched PRECIOUS.

In other weekend news, we went to see a 35mm screening of The Last Unicorn, one of my most favoritest movies ever.

Hairy remembers seeing this in the theater with his mom and sister, so I didn’t feel that bad about dragging a boy to what is ostensibly a super girly cartoon. Peter S. Beagle, the author, was there to answer questions, and he was quite a funny guy. The print of the film we were watching was really old, and I think cobbled together from various prints, and I think that a whole song was cut from it, but overall, it was a very cool experience. Also we bumped into Star!.

We also took the dogs for another walk on Saturday, outside of our regular neighborhood. There is an incredible view up above the Castro!

There is also a little dog park that Bibi and Bunny ran around in for a few minutes. Bibi has been somewhat banned from dog parks, because she can be territorial about other dogs’ toys and balls, and I don’t want other dog owners hating us for having a pushy dog. But she had a very fun time chasing a little dog named Trudy, who seemed to love being chased. It was perfect. She LOVES other dogs 100%, but I think she just has weird manners and communication issues. One of the things she does is she must BARK CONSISTENTLY while chasing another dog, which can scare the dog owners, but all it is is loud and hound-dog-like and not really aggressive at all. I was glad that Trudy’s owner seemed to understand this.

We couldn’t play for too long, tho, cuz we had dinner at Millenium, our local fancy vegan restaurant, with Elysse (yes I am pimping her brand new nerd blog), Emily and her cute family, and their pal Jillian. Hairy had never been there before. I don’t recall being super zazzed about the one time I went, but this time it was suuuuuper yummy. I asked Elysse how they made the creamy part of trifle so creamy without any dairy product in it, and she said, “Magic.”

21 Comments on “Let me tell you about the Easter Marauders”

  • mel


    ladies, i have a mission.

    ok, not really.

    but i call that a weekend well seized!

    • AHAHAHAH 😉 One day I will recount the mission involving kidnapping our friend to Las Vegas……… if only I had all the photos!

  • The cramped hand


    Bibi is suppose to bark or bay as she follows her prey that’s what scent hounds do so the hunters can keep track of them.
    The girl just can’t help it.

    • I hope that means she doesnt want to eat all the dogs she chases and barks at !!! ehehe

  • Elysse


    I’ve been pimped!

    some day, I will show you the vegan magic.

  • Elysse


    ok, that sounded way nastier than I wanted it to…

    • AHAHAHAHAHAhaha. I will imagine the mushroom-foraging waiter from Greens saying that, and it becomes extra super creepy!!!

  • Sarah


    Ooh I loved The Last Unicorn when I was a kid. Used to watch the video all the time.

    • Me, too!
      I also watched a particular cartoon version of Swan Lake which I haven’t seen in forever.

  • emily


    1. the last unicorn is fantastic. i bought it a year ago and started to watch it with my girls and soon realized how creepy it was for a cartoon.
    2. thanks for sharing an evening of vegan magic with us… heh.

    • It was funny to watch it in an adult audience and hear where everyone laughs!!! Espesh at all the stuff the old guy says!

      Thank you for having us join the celebration!!!

  • Emily


    I love The Last Unicorn! I always cried at the end as a kid. LOL!

    Several years ago I was at a Lord of the Rings Oscar party and Beagle was there. It was so cool! They let him get up on stage and talk a bit about himself and the hopeful remake of the movie. He was funny!

  • i have never heard anyone having such a zany time on Easter of all holidays! LOL sounds like you two have amazing times when you’re hanging out! 😀

    • Yeah for the most part we are really boring, but sometimes we do really random stuff!!!

  • megan


    Oh my gosh, that dessert sounds super tasty! Does it have a name? ‘Cuz now I want to eat it.

    • I have no idea!! I did not meet the woman who actually made it and she said it was more of a popular thing in Europe.

  • Michelle


    Call me jealous. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. And who wouldn’t love 20 pounds of candy?!? 😀 And that cookie dish looked delish. 🙂

  • What a great weekend! My best friend is Irish i just phoned her and asked why she has never made me a dessert like the one you had, it sounds yummy, she hadn’t heard of it so she is ringing her Mom to find out why she has never had it…oops think i have started something now 🙂 Have a great week xx

    • MAYBE IT IS ALL A LIE!!!! hehhe 🙂

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