If you ever wondered about the FANCYPACK!

Someone asked me on Formspring what I thought of the Fancypack available on Etsy. I’d bought one a long while ago, but frankly, the belt did not fit me properly, and I never wore it out, and I was too lazy to find a new belt for the pack and figure out how to get it on the new belt, Etc etc blah blah blah.

Anyway, I am in love with the concept, so I recently bought a new Fancypack: GOLD!!!!!! Carla has changed the way she does the belts, and now they are on rings and adjustable!

I decided to take it today on a dog walk. When you are wearing a dress and have no pockets, you don’t want to have to drag out a purse to carry your keys and poo bags and stuff on the dog walk, so what better chance to test drive my new accessory! I’ve a feeling these were intended for going out with your girlfriends and having the funtimes, but let me tell you, they work like a charm for taking your dogs for a poo as well (which I do WAY more than going out and having the funtimes).

21 Comments on “If you ever wondered about the FANCYPACK!”

  • Sylvette


    Super Extra Mega Cute !!!!!

    • I wore out to eat with my bestie and she had no idea it was actually a fanny pack hehehhe

  • I’m really glad you posted this bc I had NO CLUE what a fancy pack was . . . but I wanted to know. I kind of assumed it was a cutility pack. I guess it still really was!

  • thnx for posting this! 😀 i had never heard of Fancypacks before this! i have had a total horror of run-of-the-mill fannypacks…b/c they are typically hideous. lol i am truly amazed at how “fanci-fying” something like a fannypack can put it into a whole new light. 🙂

    • I sort of accept that fanny packs are hideous and I think they are hilarious!! But yes, the Fancypack is extra good!

  • Beth


    Your necklace matches!
    You sound a little sickly….allergies, cold?

    • I don’t know what it is! I thought I was maybe getting the flu a few days ago, but maybe it IS allergies!

  • Marie


    OMG, I’ve started to buy one of these so many times. You’re tempting me even further! Now I just have to decide what color…

    • I feel you!! I totally couldn’t decide whichcolor!!! I still want a black one and a shiny pink one!

  • Michelle


    So cute. I love the concept. I think it would be a bit much for me but still love the concept. And it looked so cute on you.

    • Yes, giant bows are not for all heheheheeh

  • Sandy


    What a super smart an fashionabla accessory – that’s really hot and it really suits you!

    • Thanks, Sandy!!

      Later in the night, I zipped my hoodie over the Fancypack and then my BFF told the guy at Starbucks I was pregnant.

  • That is such a great idea, everytime i walk my dog i’m having to carry a load of things..poo bags, treats for her to persuade her to come back…treats for me, phone… etc etc and it looks great xx

  • yikes, this has got to be the third time i have seen you online in my orange dress and I’m so so so happy that you enjoy it. Let me know and I’ll totally 100% send you some more dress or playsuits. THANKS AGAIN! your so amazing!

  • Denise


    Holy jesus on toast, that is amazing. No more storing things between boobies!

  • Maxine


    That is so cute 😀

  • I love that the Fancy Pack website talks about wearing the Fancy Pack for formal occasions and with gowns so you can sip champagne and not be bothered with your purse…and then you do a video review about how you wore it to take your dog for a poo! I love it.

    It might be cute for when I dress lolita for anime conventions, so then I can stuff my camera, phone, bizness cards, and snacks in it 😛

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