Coconut Cream Tea at the Secret Garden

This weekend we got to hang out with Cuppy and Moofs visiting from Seattle!

There’s me and Cuppy at Dolores Park. We did not actually hang out in the park, but just took a picture there to be like the cool kids. This was after we ate brunch at Bar Tartine where I had a savory bread pudding for the first time!!! What sold me on getting it is when Moofs said it would probably be like a giant cube of STUFFING. After brunch, we visited Tartine the bakery, 826 Valencia (the pirate store), and Paxton Gate. At Paxton Gate, we saw some pitcher plants, and I wondered if anybody had experience owning a pitcher plant? We have a very shady patio, and the flies/gnats REALLY LOVE it, so I was wondering it hanging a pitcher plant out there would help at all! Wishful thinking?

Later that night, Hairy and went to the launch party/reading for my friend and former cor-worker Jandy Nelson’s new young adult novel, The Sky Is Everywhere.

(click the pic to go to

After working with her as literary agents for 10 years, supporting the work of other writers, it’s so amazing to see her so successful with her own novel!! It has been getting great reviews, and I am SO pumped to read it! I stood in line to get my book signed like a fangirl.

On Sunday, we met up with Cuppy and Moofs again and had tea and snackies at Secret Garden Tea House. I’ve never had high tea or afternoon tea before, and I loved being surrounded by old ladies and tiny foods!!!

I had the coconut cream tea which smelled REALLY YUMMY and coconutty.

I also made a quick lil video:

Secret Garden with Cuppy, Moofs, and Hairy from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

For some reason, I was super tired that day and ended up “napping” from like 9pm to 2am!! Then I felt super guilty and went straight to work on Yummy You business (coffee cup cozy samples!!! let me tell you , the hamburger coffee cup cozy is SO CUTE). I didn’t get to bed until after 6am and I was really nervous I was going to miss the go ahead for an 11am conference call. I kept waking up over and over, and as it turned out, I never got the heads-up for a  call, PLUS, I WOKE UP WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MEETING CUPPY AND MOOFS IN JAPANTOWN!! AHHHHHHH. I felt SooooOOOOooo bad!!!! I was excited to have purikura fun!! Blehhhhhhh.

So I had my 3:30pm conference call and then worka worka worka!

Today I just threw on the shirt I made at Spreadshirt. It used to be my tagline on and old online profile, and someone on Twitter mentioned that she always thought of me and this quote. HAHAH. I had to make it a shirt!

The best part of this photo is the look on Bibi’s face. Bibi does not approve of guns nor herpes.

23 Comments on “Coconut Cream Tea at the Secret Garden”

  • Hmm… Just FYI, Jay owns (or at least owned) some pitcher plants.

    Also, two nights ago I had a dream
    you made Hairy wax his body once a week. I thought that once a week was excessive. But when he didn’t, you called him, and I quote, “moldy moldy moldy.”

    Dreams are awesome.

    • That’s really weird. I can’t believe you dream about Hairy’s body hair. AHAHAHAHAH.

  • lindsay


    ahahha!! that tea party looked like fun!

    • It was kinda surreal but I really liked it!!! HAHA

  • Caz


    You should come to Liverpool (were I live) afternoon tea is all the rage! I am in fact often treated as an outcast as i don’t like tea :-O Tea is a cure or EVERYTHING round here 😛

    • wow! i want to be cured by tea!!! 🙂

      • Caz


        The basic principal of medicine by tea is that no matter how awful you feel sit own and have a cuppa and all will be ok!! It also works in a crisis “oh my gosh iv just been robbed” says lady number one, “never mind dear, lets sit down and have a nice hot cuppa” says lady number two!!

        Anywayz crazy english lady is gonna go now 😛

  • Pitcher plants are totally doable for at home. There are some good resources online about it. About a year ago I decided I would like a carnivorous garden and looked into it. The hardest part for some people is making a suitable (at home) “bog” for your plants.

  • I wanna have a tea party too with you 🙁

    • Aw, that would be so delightful!!!

  • super fun etsy shop and adorable blog! xoxo, juliette

    • hi there!! thanks so much for checking everything out!!!

  • Sandy


    Oh my – you 4 look so funny in that tea room with all the old fashioned china. But the food looks REALLY YUMMY!!!! I lived in England for a while and they are really mad about tea there. And I learned to drink tea without sugar which was unthinkable before that (I also learned to love baked beans *gg*) and I am still addicted to English tea and buy huge boxes when I am on the island because you can’t get proper English tea in Austria.
    I’ve never been to a proper English tea room though, but I really need to go since I’ve seen all this lovely food there 🙂
    Your tea party reminds me so much of Alice in Wonderland – did you see & like the movie?


    • I did see the movie! I came in with very low expectations since it seemed like nobody liked it. I am not a die hard Burton fan nor Disney/Alice fan anyway, so I’m not one of those people who will be like “Oh Tim BUrton makes horrible films now!” It was ok. The only thing that really bugged me was I kept thinking how much the girl playing Alice reminded me of Mischa Barton! hahah

  • Sylvette Marie


    Wao that cute place is so cute 😛 Bibi always so napy jjjj …. hugs 4 you my ciber friend…

  • Romé


    hi! i’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and you are so adorable!! you have given me a GREAT idea for my mom and mother-in-law’s birthday…taking them to afternoon tea! thanks so much…have a wonderful day!!! =)

    • Oh you will have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!

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