A Lil Craft Tip from Me to You!

Okay, first of all, I drew on my eyebrows for the first time in a long time! My forehead needs to breathe. I have to air out my zit (sorry that’s gross… but it’s real.)

That’s just a warning for my video below! HAHAH. Can’t photoshop the zits out of my videos….

Anyhoo, I’ve been sewing on a lot of buttons for my current project, and I thought I’d share my little discovery about how to pry buttons of the paper backing. This is probably not new news, but it took me a long time to realize it on my own! So I thought I’d share, just in case!!

Crafty Tip! from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

13 Comments on “A Lil Craft Tip from Me to You!”

  • acrylicana


    Wha-hey I have that problem too. I always just rip them off like a crazy woman.
    Thanks, deary lou for the tip 😉

    • 🙂 I’ll be interested to see if it’s actually helpful in practice!!!

  • Jules Chan


    You make it look sooo easy!!!

  • Sandy


    Ha! I don’t need to do that, bacause when I buy buttons they come in a tube or loose 🙂 Way more practical *lol*
    But I love your videos anyway 😉

  • heh. very useful information. any tips on how to open hard plastic packaging without damaging scissors?

  • I always have problems getting the buttons off and they are normally sewed onto the card here i try to cut them off with the sissors but its so awkward, or maybe its just me 🙂 xxx

  • Rebecca


    This tip was very helpful! Thanks!

    By the way, those glasses are super cute on you!! =)

  • Rach


    crazy! im not sure ive seen a button held on with a stapel :O ours just have a tiny piece of cotton holding it on. easy!

    glad you managed to master that, looks tough!!


  • Lee


    Totally with you on the whole airing-the-forehead thing. Ate half a family block of chocolate last night thanks to a nasty onset of PMS….today….zit city 🙁
    So it was me sans foundation today. Not pretty not pretty.

    Great tip! I have a cheeky lab who will step on/eat anything that falls to the floor! Staples have always been a big worry! So have bobby pins, bread-ties, the list goes on…

    Side note- I’m loving the new specs!! Too too gorgeous <3

  • Michelle


    Hey thanks for the great advice! I always ended up having to twist those puppies open after ripping them off the car. Your way will be so much easier. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • pinklamb


    Great advice! I was having trouble with those darn buttons too! I end up taking the button off and the staple is still in with the button! Next time I got in to get some buttons, I will try it your way and see if I can do it! Thanks!! 🙂

  • sarahmarie


    very useful. thank you!

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