Items for Sale from Hello Kitty Fashion Show

Oh yeah! I kept forgetting to tell you!

When Hairy and I were down in L.A. to see the Pee Wee Herman show, we had a quick bite with Michelle and True Mee (of Bubblepunch), and they let us know that some of the items from the Hello Kitty Fashions are NOW available TO PURCHASE AT THE JAPAN LA WEBSITE! Go check everything out! Everything is one of a kind!!!! I have no idea where any of my items are…..but, there’s still lots of awesome stuff to look at! Go go!

(Skirt made by Marissa is available for sale, but I’m posting this pic so you can see the whole outfit. I made the scarf, mitts, purse, and the giant brooch on the shirt which also has red sequins suspenders. I think Marissa and I had a “more is more” philosophy with this one!! We had never seen the whole outfit put together until the night of the fashion show!)

Some other cool stuff available on the site:

6 Comments on “Items for Sale from Hello Kitty Fashion Show”

  • Zoe Ross


    the scarf is gorgeous

  • I love your scarf…going to check the website out now ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  • Michelle


    Wahhh i’ve never seen that pic of my dress o.0

    Call Jamie and ask her about your stuffs!!!

  • Sylvette Marie


    I LOVE Hello Kitty …. its true that is a park theme all hello kitty in Japan???

    Love the scarf ….and everyting is PINK love it…

    goin to the weblink you announce


  • Chyna Rose


    I cannot find the jacket in the second picture and I am dyingggggg :C

    • Everything for the show was one-of-a-kind and handmade…so I’m pretty sure it’s probably already sold since this was last year ๐Ÿ™‚

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