Cutie Pie!

I was looking on Etsy for a bracelet that was 100% conversation hearts (no beads, other weird charms or jewels) but I couldn’t find any, so I asked my talented friend Teiva from Faeriesmak if she could make me one so I could buy it off her!

I love it! It’s perfect!!! I love even the tiny imperfections in the red letters and the realistic texture she got on the candies!!! LOVE IT!!! I promise to take better pics of it when I set up my lights.

I have ONE extra and I can’t decide whether to sell it on Etsy or include it in a cute blog givewaway.

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? I have never been a big fan of it. I LOVE the AESTHETICS of it, but I don’t want to feel obligated to buy a ton of stuff for my S.O. or feel extra romantic or whatever just because it’s a certain day on the calendar and you are “supposed” to. Hairy and I end up getting each other rando presents throughout the year or going to the movies or dinner or fun road trips, so I always think Valentine’s Day is just a funny day to hit Red Lobster or something and people watch!! But then it’s so crowded everywhere that now I just don’t want to go anywhere on ANY holiday!!!! (insert story about St. Patty’s Day debacle.)

Anyway, since I have been so super busy, I don’t know if I’ll have time to do a Valentine’s day update in my Etsy shop, but I’ll try. Every day, something new comes up that I need to complete, so it’s really hard to plan!!!! Cross your fingers!

13 Comments on “Cutie Pie!”

  • Annais


    Too cute. I was thinking about making some candy heart items. We’ll see.

  • Nacho's Mum


    Sell it!!! Cause I want it 🙂

    Valentines Day? I think it’s kinda rubbishy.

    Smiles to you 🙂

  • cristy


    the bracelet is cute, i assume it’s edible?

    v-day is so-so. it’s a cute gesture. we decided last year to go out for vday on the 15th.. you kno, cuz it’s cheaper that way. whoot post v-day sales. hahaha

    we are so sad.. xD

  • Nikki G


    I don’t like Valentines Day, its all a bit forced telling people you MUST do something romantic on THIS day. We usually go on little dates (movies, bike rides, dinner out, etc) whenever the weather is nice or we have money or whatever.
    All the shops fill with Mushy cards, cheap toys with big hearts and red and pink coloured stuff, its hugely comercial and tacky!

    This year there is a travel expo on 14th Feb, so we are going to that, it also happens to be the chinese new year this year as well, so if we go out it will be to celebrate the start of the Year of Tiger!

    The candy heart bracelet is very cute! I started making my own jewellery as I usually have the same problem, can’t find exactly what I am looking for.

  • I like all the fun stuff around Vday but I don’t feel the need to buy something for my husband or anything like that. I just love all the pink and hearts!

    I looooove that bracelet!! I’ve been trying to find something just like that for forever!!! Lucky lady!!

  • Brigitte


    I’m really amped up about V’day this year, partially because it falls on Lunar New Year (which I celebrate). Plus (and this is the main thing, which I’m sure you can identify with) during the December holiday season I’m so swamped with craft shows and other insanity that my loved ones really don’t get much … love. So I kind of use Valentine’s Day (or Lunar New Year, depending) as a makeup holiday for Xmas and make them all something extra special :3 not just my SO … he probably ends up with the smallest gift! LOL

  • Elysse


    this is my first single valentine’s day, so maybe my opinions will change.

    What do single people do on valentine’s day, generally? Maybe I’ll ho it up on craigslist. haha!

  • Lady J


    I usually refer to Valentine’s Day as “Hallmark’s Day”. Those who fully enjoy the holiday tend to think I am “too cynical” or “uptight” however I remain that it is a marketed holiday that tends to bind in and narrow the idea of what gift giving and romance is all about.

    As a gal who has worked plenty in the line of retail in my younger days I have witnessed many a boyfriend/husband scrounge around for something their girlfriend/wife would like just so they can avoid a beating. I do think it is often an obligatory day.

    I love that you and Hairy give each other gifts randomly. I mean why rely on a designated day?

  • I do like Valentines day, because like Amanda i like pink and hearts, oh and red and chocolate and anything sparkly. I don’t buy anything though i normally make my man a card and gift xx

  • Polly


    I, like several other commenters here, love the fact that I can get lots of pink and red girly heart-y things in the shops around Valentines(I have my eye on some red heart shaped candy dishes and a mixing bowl) and it is a good excuse to make heart shaped red velvet cupcakes, but I don’t like the overly commercial side of it. I am not keen on any holiday which pressures people to spend money and act all perfect and get stressed. So although I will see my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, I think we’ll just stay in. I’m more excited about Lunar New Year and I don’t even come from a culture which celebrates it!

  • Hanna


    I totes think you should do another giveaway! Just in time for V-day! I only love vday because of the pink & the love you feel that day. Nothing really special about it tho, cause you can show love everyday! (:

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