Fun Stuff Round Up!

Hooooo boy! Someone recently twittered, “What a difference a day makes.” So true so true! Ups. Downs. Coming back arounds. Life is a whirlwind! I’ve also been collaborating on new logos, new packaging, now I need to make new samples. Crazy crazy crazy.

Last night I went out with some ladies. Most of our ladies had to wake up early to go to work so nobody wanted to go out. Michelle had to get up early, but she was still rarin’ to go. She said we were the dreamers of dreams. I said we were the silliers of silly. She said we are the go-ers of 84. We got a later start than we hoped since I’d been down on the peninsula with Manda, but we finally made it out.

Didn’t go to bed until like 4am and then had to get up at 8:00am to greet the dude who came to fix our gas fireplace. Sweet!! Now it can be roasty toasty up in here!!

I will be crocheting up a storm for the next 10 days. Time for lots of bandaids and under-eye bags. In the meantime, here’s a Fun Stuff Round Up. Click on the pics to go to the sites! xo

I kinda really want this pink coat:

I wanna rock this dress so hard!

Of all the posses to be in, this ain’t a bad one:

I know what you’re thinking. This is scary. SO SCARY IT’S AWESOME.

There’s something about this nighty. I dunno!

23 Comments on “Fun Stuff Round Up!”

  • cait


    That nighty is so sweet 🙂 I’m a sucker for that color blue. Just so lovely. Happy crocheting! I’ll be doing the same.
    cait xo

    • I agree with you about that blue!!

  • Amanda H.


    My Mom said she used to have one of those Chinese short-sleeved dresses. I wish I had one, siigh XD

    • I bought a really funny one off eBay that is pink but the sleeves are long and it’s too hot. I need to get it altered!

      • Amanda H.


        Cut the sleeves shorter? Are you going to make ’em cap sleeves?

    • I will think about it when money comes in!!!

  • Annais


    That clown dress reminds me of a painting that I painted. I called it “Supposed Clown Suicide”. Lol.

    • Time to bedazzle your painting and put it on dresses! 😛

  • elena


    I think I’ll probably feel like you, when next Tuesday the Gas-Man will come at 8.30 a.m. to check all our heating system…considering that I stop working at around 11 p.m. and I normally need to wake up at around 10.00 p.m….
    maybe the gas-man will meet my husband & me= zombiefied!!!
    oi oi oi

  • Polly


    I love that dress! Anything with a mandarin collar gets my vote. I used to have a Chinese dress (is it called a cheongsam?) but I found it really difficult to move in as they’re so sort of tubular and the fabric doesn’t stretch. That one looks nice and stretchy and comfortable though. And you should so get the pink coat, it is extremely cute. Good luck with all the new stuff you’re doing!

    • Yes, that is why they often have really embarrassing high SLITS!! 😛

  • Maggi


    Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me. Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me.

    • >:O]

      that was supposed to look like an evil clown… hm fail!

  • Emily


    Okay, why do you need band aids when you’re crocheting?

    And that clown better watch out. I think the pony posse will gallop over it!

    • Sometimes I start to get blisters from the crochet hook rubbing on my fingers, so I just slap on a bandaid and am good to go!

      • Emily


        Okayyyyy! Not so weird to me now! LOL!

  • Sandy


    ohhhhh…. the clown dress is….. duuuuhhhh… would you really wear this????? I don’t know……


    • probably not, but i think it’s really funny!

  • Chan


    I’ve always wanted to order stuff from yesstyle but I’ve always been afraid to considering I don’t know the quality of the clothes. What do you think?

    • Stavroula


      Ive bought a couple of things from yesstyle and they all in a satisfactory quality material wise.

      i must say i was a bit iffy at first too, but then i thought oh well you cant learn unless you go for it and im glad i did, plus their shipping is freaking fast…!

      • Chan


        Thanks for the reply! Now for me to search for something that I want…shouldn’t take too long. Haha!

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