Handmade Ho-Down, Tonight, @1015 Folsom!

Okay, I had no idea there was a Bay Area street team thingie for Etsy, not that I am super involved in the Etsy community or anything…. but Shrinkle informed me of this night-time craft fair event thingie they put together which is taking place on Thursday, Dec 3rd, from 6pm-midnight, at 1015 Folsom. I’m really curious!! We’re going!

At least, I hope we are going. Hairy invited a buddy over for dinner, so we’ll see how late that goes!

5 Comments on “Handmade Ho-Down, Tonight, @1015 Folsom!”

  • zambicandy


    gosh darn it XD I need a car.

  • Maggi


    Oooooo that sounds fun, hope you get to go so I can live vicariously and hear all about it! lol

  • Molly


    Oooo yes you should definitely come! My Vivi Dot booth will be in the basement (there are three floors). If you go please come and say hi! I’d love to meet you in person. xox Molly

  • Camay


    lovely girl and lovely crochet! ♥

  • Shrinkle


    Eh, I ended up not going either. I got lazy! I’m going to your thingie on the 12th though.

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