The best brain I ever bought for a nickel.

You guys. We just went to Goodwill to check out plates and candle sticks to make more ghetto cakestands, and I just bought the most awesome thing ever.

BEHOLD! A BRAIN!!!!!!!!!

This has inspired me to start a new collection of Goodwill/Garage sale school-project glazed ceramic objects. Maybe one day, I could have an art show with all my anonymous, grade-school “art” pieces, lovingly collected throughout the years. I need to find out if my parents still have my piece d’resistance from my childhood: it was a clay goblet that I glazed blue with little yellow fish all over it. It was really hard to keep its shape while I was making it, so then I just squished the cup part together and it was all deformed. It ruled.

I believe the brain is signed on the inside, but it’s hard to make out. JTG? JT6?

Why did you guys ever give this away???

This brain did not have a price tag on it, so when I went to pay for it, I told the lady.

Me: This brain does not have a price tag on it.

Lady: What is the cost of a brain?

Me: (turning to Hairy) Priceless.

Lady: (punches in $0.05)


12 Comments on “The best brain I ever bought for a nickel.”

  • Melisser


    Oh man, that is awesome. I hoped it was a cookie jar when I saw it!

  • Jules Chan


    And behold… its pink!!!!

    • AHAHA it is very important for our brains to go with our hair!

  • Morient


    Is it just me, or is there a secret message spelled out in the brain? I see an M, an H, and an E…

    The meaning to life could be contained within this brain.


  • Maggi



    I definitely think a school project collection is in order. Someone needs to love these fine works of art!

  • Kimmorz


    Haha, nice find! I’m pretty sure that’s a 6.. JT is probably initials, and 6 is probably class period or something of the sort. I like how the glaze makes it look slimy, or something to that affect, haha! (:

  • hayley


    that brain is amazing! i thought it was going to be a butter dish cover thing!

  • Zannid


    A brain, unexpected in a Twinkiechan post! This is making me miss my clayworks classes! Sculpey is great, but natural clay if fun too!

    It could be JT6 if they worked on it in school. We used our initials and then our class period number to mark the stuff so the teacher would know whose was whose.

  • kelly


    love the brain…..i own a youth art studio and gallery just outside chicago called “right-brained studio”….when i saw this i thought the kids would think it’s hilarious! i feel a new project idea coming on…….

    take care,
    kelly (my studio) (my art)

  • Ashley


    Twinkie, I love your scarf! Where is it from?

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