Powered by Vitasoy!!!

I’m being so Asian right now!!! I grew up on this stuff! I want a photo one day of me, passed out on the floor, covered in empty Vitasoy boxes!

For those not in the know, it’s a soy drink….basicallly soy beans, water, and sugar. It’s soy-riffic.

If any Vitasoy reps out there want to sponsor me, I would be honored to wear your Vitasoy merchandise. May I suggest an insulated Vitasoy fanny pack to keep your favorite beverage cool while you are out and about? The first idea’s free….

Okay, now, I go and shoot product photos for Etsy update! I need to come up with fun names for my felted bows, like LuvBerry Cheesecake!

5 Comments on “Powered by Vitasoy!!!”

  • Not only are you SO asian ( I <3 Vitasoy too), I love the VHS in the background! High five.

    • HAHAHHA. I think I still have one or two of yours, too…. like…THE PATRIOT.

      • NICE!! I need a VHS player again. We have a blu ray but not VHS wtf?

  • Jules Chan


    Haha, I used to drink a ton of this stuff too, till I became a fat bastard : ) So be careful!!

  • Melanye K


    lol! you are beyond cute.

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