My Life in an Egg Shell

I’ve been knee-deep in beads for the past few days. I really love hand-sewing them to EVERYTHING, but it’s so time-consuming and probably not the best use of the time/money equation…but I have to follow my heart and just blow 4 days sewing beads if I want to! All for you guys, all for you!!!! 😉

I just took product photos of everything and am now editing them.

Tomorrow will be shooting the modeling photos (I may drag Manda into this if she comes over) and posting the listings!!

One more exciting thing that’s been happening is the collaborations I’m doing with other designers so that I can have products that I don’t necessarily know how to make, like clothing and jewelry.

I horribly photoshopped this horribly lit photo of a skirt collab with Poppy’s Wicked Garden along with one of my Princess Girly Girl Cake Clutches. They looked pretty cool together in person!!! I could easily walk out of the house decked out in Twinkie Chan garb and not feel embarassed about it! 😛

In fact, I wore this skirt to the MAGIC tradeshow. So comfy and so cute!! I will be offering 4 custom-sized tutu skirts in custom Twinkie Chan fabric. I’m not sure if I’ll ever make more because custom fabric is so expensive, so, I suggest thinking about snatching one up while they exist!

p.s this particular clutch (with inside pocket, magnetic clasp, and optional gold shoulder chain) will not be posted up in the next update. I forgot to think ahead and order purse chain, so I want to wait for that to come in first. Also, I tested my gluing technique for attaching the sprinkle beads to the purse, and I was not satisfied, so I might either keep this one for myself, or post it later at a reduced price. This is why I started sewing them on! 😛

OK, back to editing photos!

8 Comments on “My Life in an Egg Shell”

  • The skirt is so cute, and so is the bag. And together they are just perfect ♥

    • Aw, thank you!!!! Poppy did a great job with the fabric!

  • Brigitte


    That’s just the cutest clutch ever :3

    • Thanks so much!! The other zipper pouches came out pretty cool, too!! hope to post them up soon!

  • Megalina


    hopefully the skirt in size for us “plus” girls that have huge hips? *fingers crossed*

  • mel


    seriously, that skirt is adorable.
    please, think of the girls who only get so much money for an excellent report card >,< dohhhh.

  • Nicole


    Oh how lucky, just in time for my tax return, YAY!

  • poppY


    EEEK THat Clutch is TOO awesome! I want to go gobble it up! I hope we get to see the skirt on you too;)

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