Weepuls, Bananas, & Jelly Beans! (wiwt)

Yesterday, I got an email to help a friend of a friend get an emergency birthday present to somebody, including gift wrap! I didn’t have much time, so I used what I had around the house: banana wrapping paper, handspun yarn, and pastry weepuls!

Also, I wore my early bday presents from my bro and his lady.

Super cool jelly bean earrings I once featured in my Round Up:

by Roscata on Etsy

Little vintage teal dress from Shrinkle‘s vintage finds. Raindrop bow leggings by Nicole Lindner on Etsy which I bought a little bit ago….with a matching dress. Wait’ll you see that!

I know. The belt wasn’t really working. But I seem to not have a lot of belts in my closet. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. It was a cheap belt that came with some other dress. It ended up popping open at the vet’s office while I was sitting on a bench, waiting for Bibi and Bunny to come out, so I decided I had to ditch it. Exploding out of your belt in public = not a fav.

FYI, Bibi and Bunny both tested negative for heartworm, and also Bibi is now SIXTY FOUR POUNDS!! SHE IS HUUUUUUUGE!! We knew she was huge, but we didn’t have any idea she had gained over 10 lbs since January. Holy cripes. We already cut down her food, but now we need to more. If she is still huge, the vet will test her thyroid levels.

In laptop news: it is back in the Apple hospital. Something about the logic board being messed up? I dunno. Whatevs. Just make it work!

8 Comments on “Weepuls, Bananas, & Jelly Beans! (wiwt)”

  • Ekkusu


    Hahaha “Exploding out of your belt in public”.. xD Got to love the visuals to that one. <3 I love your creativity btw!

  • ali


    The emergency present turned out cute! Love Roscata! She is super sweet and her stuff is awesome. The earrings look so cute on you!

    • I wasn’t sure if dangly earrings were “me”. They are so fun but somehow I feel weird in them. I think I just need to wear them MORE!

  • Michelle


    Bibi is 64 pounds?!? Wow! We have a lab mix who’s about that much and like a horse. Just today I shrieked in fear as he charged at me for some loving. He can take you down like nothing. LOL! I hope Bibi loses some weight and that its nothing else wrong. And I hope your computer can be fixed too. I’d be lost without mine. LOVE those earrings.

    • I was SHOCKED Bibi weighed so much! She is certainly just a stocky gal, but SHEESH!!!!! Hopin’ we can get some lbs off her with less food and a bit more exermecise!

  • Raisa


    I love your sleeve!! Do you have more/ pics of it? Any close-up’s?

    And your earrings are really cool♥

    • No, I never really took pics of my sleeve because it’s actually not finished yet…….!

  • hezzywoo


    I’m after some of those leggings – they’re awesome!

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