A Day in the Life

Thanks to everyone who bought something!! I think this is the most packages I’ve prepped in two days!! I still have to go buy boxes to package up the tissue box cozies. I am going to need to make a few trips in and out of the post office!!! I also have a LOT of international orders, which is always exciting. This could be the first time I’m shipping to Belgium? I can’t really remember. Anyway, thanks so much for your support. It really means a lot to me.

I tried to take a pic of myself in front of the packages but I kinda failed….

In other news, Hairy and I went to Target the other night to buy toilet paper, and I came home with these:

I have a really hard time taking pills. I’m also a tiny bit on the Vitamin B anemic side, and I do have a great B12 chewable supplement, but I’ve always been looking for a multivitamin.

These don’t taste bad at all. You need to take one twice a day. It doesn’t have iron or calcium, but I take an extra calcium supplement anyway (dark chocolate Adora…it’s good!). It has decent B’s and D’s, so for now, this is my multivitamin of choice! Gummies…for adults!

Here’s me failing to take a pic with Bunny:

Aaaaand here’s me failing to take a pic with Bibi:

Here’s some gingerbread cookie brooches I worked on tonight for the winner of my giveaway at LovelyLittleDeer’s blog (she has a new cute giveaway right now!).

Friday is all about post office trips, Office Depot trips, and simultaneously tackling some outlining of my book, some really old special order commissions, and planning for new items in the shop! Also, my bestie is driving up and we’re all gonna go see Harry Potter! (oh my gosh, I just typed Hairy Potter….)


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  • Nathalie


    I am the Belgium package, I am the Belgium package 😀

    • Hee hee!!! In my furious haze of packing and printing labels, I never put two and two together! It’s you! it’s you!

  • San Smith


    I take those vitamins (and the omega-3 kind from that brand too) and they are the best ever. I think they leave out a few things though so you have to buy their other gummies : (the make C I think)

    Congrats on your sales!

    • I was really wary about them tasting gnarly, but they are pretty delightful for vitamins!!!

      I think in general, there’s no one great pill you can take. You always have to take a million!

  • QBug


    I absolutely love the gingerbread pins! So cute. But then again, I AM a pink freak and all the candles I own are gingerbread scented.

    • Gingerbread-themed items are the main thing that would make me consider doing another craft show in December. HAhah 😛

  • hezzywoo


    ah Harry Potter is amazing! I sat at the front when I saw it lol just to be awkward. I can’t wait for your book 😮

    • ahhh doesn’t that hurt your neck!:?

  • Ali


    One of those cute lil gingerbread cookies are mine!! har har har


    • yay!!! i need to put his pin back and felt-backing on, but I will ship tomorrow!!! xoxo

  • Woot! One of those packages is mine! Tee-hee. I can’t wait to get it! It will be almost as cool as my Dir en Grey tee-shirt(very, very close being that cool, but since it’s an amazing Japanese visual-kei band, only another band tee-shirt could top its awesomeness. Preferably an Aural Vampire one.:]), and I’ll wear it all the time, of course! Thanks!

    Bitsy B.

    • Ah yes, I am familiar with Dir en Grey!

      Thanks so much for snagging a shirt!!!

  • i take those vitamins too! iron makes me sick, like.. reallly sick so those are perfect for me, + they are super yummy!
    (congrats on all the orders!! thats AWESOME!)

    • It’d be cool if they made calcium gummies……then I could just have a big ol’ mouthful of gummy goodness.

  • Amy Doan


    I’m telling you, dude. Get a program like Endicia so you can print shipping labels from home and have the mailman pick it up from you! Saves soooo much time. And you don’t piss off the people in line behind you at the post office!

    • I usually do print out all the labels via PayPal for the domestic ones and then just drop them all off without waiting in line.

      But yeah, it’s the international ones that kill me. I was looking into Endicia but I don’t know that I actually ship enough internationally to merit a monthly fee! IT would be a lot less filling-out-of-forms, tho….!

  • misschell


    i just read all about you on that littledear blog & i thought you were Japanese & about 23 years old! Ha, i’m not that much older than you… ok, i was 8 when you were born… whatever! I adopted my daughter from China 5 yrs ago, seriously the cutest girl ever! I’ve got to go dye her hair hot pink & put a hot dog scraf around her neck!

    • that girl needs a pizza hat, stat!!! 😛 😛

  • awww can’t wait to receive my package ^_^
    so excited *-*

    • Sent it off this afternoon!! Hope it arrives soon!!!!

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