ChanBurger Tee

Preview of the Twinkie ChanBurger tee! I have to wait to affix the lettuce bows, and I’m not quite sure yet how I want to attach them, be it sewn on permanently, or pinned with safety pins for removal.

Sometimes when I have t-shirts with pins, I just don’t put the pins back on. But if people didn’t put the bows back on, their burger would be lettuce-less and naked!!!!

If I sew them in, I think it will all lay more neatly, but then people would DEFINITELY have to handwash their tee, and people probably think that is a pain in the rear, although, I have bought t-shirts that said dry clean only!

Some people on Twitter suggested snaps. I like that idea, but (a) I don’t really have time to sew on 40 snaps before Saturday, and (b) I’m afraid you’d be able to see the snap behind the bow.

I’ll keep thinking on it and decide tomorrow!

Here is a salad cowl I made for the fair. There is a light green one and a dark green one. Wish I had time to make more, but now I have to focus on booth design and promotional materials!

I got my hair cut and colored today at Dekko and while Jules was twirling my hair and making it big, she said, “I’m making you look like a crazy cow! Don’t Twitter this!!” HAhaha! Okay, I HAD TO MENTION IT!!!

Uh, this is what I look like now.

Sometimes when you are busy, you just need to get all the hair out of your face and put on your pajama pants.

10 Comments on “ChanBurger Tee”

  • Jules Chan


    LOL!!!! Bugga you are!!
    I love your chanburger T by the way, and I like my burgers naked anyway, but there again I am from England!
    So whether you have lettuce or not, its still cute.
    O and your salad scarves are delicious.
    I’m still hoping I can see your stuff on Sunday. Fingers crossed!

  • Nathalie


    Pins would work for me…as I hate handwashing…

  • Mariah


    Pins would probably work best. Like you said, it would definitely make it easier to wash. Plus I’m sure who ever buys this shirt would want to put the bows back on because they really make this shirt *pop*! However, if they decides to leave the burger naked, it would look cute. I’m thinking it’s a win win situation.

  • Michelle


    I LOVE that tee. At first I was thinking you should sew it on because I don’t know if I’d put the pins back on. But then I thought I would be to lazy to hand wash and would just through it in the washer and hope for the best. So pins would probably be the best bet. You salad cowls are so so so so cuteeeeee! And I just love the last picture of you, and fully agree about being busy and needing to pull on the jammies. Hope your show goes smoothly and you sell everything. Good luck! 🙂

  • RachelG


    I would be sooooo tempted to buy it, but most likely wouldn’t if the bows were sewn on, because a)I don’t handwash my t-shirts and b)that means my cute lettuce would wilt.:( I would definitely buy it with removable lettuce.:)
    I hope you make more shirts and salad cowls for your etsy, after you sell out of all your inventory at the show. Wish I could go. Want me a shirt.

  • Michele


    I think you should sew them on. I think they are adorable and don’t knwo why anyone would want to remove them, BUT, it’s not much harder to remove sewn on bows than safety pinned ones.

  • OK! the tee is friggin awesome! I LOVE THE HAIR! ROCK ON!

  • India


    If I bought the shirt and it had safety pins on the back I’d probably just keep them on there unless it started to annoy me.

    I want that shirt so bad I’d ignore the safety pins. XD

  • CurvyQ


    Ahhmen to the hair back and jammies sista.

    Pweese sell some of those burger shirts on Etsy. Lettuce peoples not in San Fran share in the glory. (bah, let us..lettuce? pa dum pum)

  • Tina


    The tee’s are adorable! I too think you should just pin the lettuce bows on. Handwashing is a pain in the arse.

    I’m in my pajama pants and have gotten loads of stuff done today!

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