Everyday is a Holiday

I got up on Saturday and declared an unofficial Princess Day!

Dress: I’m Your Present
Cardigan: Tarjay!
Necklace: Kid Pirate

We didn’t do anything special. We had to go to Sacramento again to check out another dog kennel since we are leaving on a family trip to Europe in less than a week and the babies have to stay somewhere. We are not going with the cleanest/nicest/most expensive place, but this place suits our needs: space. Good sized runs with inside and outside. Grass yards to play in. And if your dog is deemed well-socialized, they will put your dog in a play group and not charge extra.

We hit A LOT of traffic, and we were running WAY LATE. The girl who worked at the kennel was really nice and let us come in late. Again, it was not the fanciest place, but I think it was the one that both Hairy and I liked best for our pups. We’ll see if they come home missing ears or pooping butt-pudding or something…..!!

Then Hairy wanted to eat nutburgers as this rando drive-in place called the Sunflower SomethingorOther. I got a millet burger!!! We ate outside on benches and were surrounded by CHICKENS AND ROOSTERS. They kept coming around to peck food off the ground, and I was SCARED. I assume animals like chickens and squirrels and raccoons are mean, so being surrounded by a cackling posse was like something out of a horror movie :P. On the way home we stopped for MickeyD’s soft serve and all was right in the world!

5 Comments on “Everyday is a Holiday”

  • Rebecca


    Where in Europe are you going??? xx

  • Mermaid


    You look so cuuute. I always get super nervous when I have to put my aminuls somewhere to stay. Luckily I have my mom most times.

  • Jules Chan


    You could check out Muttley Crew SF, Walters day care, round the corner to you at 495 Carolina. Not sooo fancy but they to mingle every day. No grass patches tho’.
    PS You look REALLY princessy!

  • Hezzywoo


    I have an imyourpresent addiction too I’m afraid…

    ah well.

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