When you’re out of your Vulcan mind…

…you make silly t-shirts for your friends to see the new Star Trek movie!!!!

I have a long-standing love for the Shatner as James T Kirk. I used to have pictures of him up in our living room in the Palo Alto house. I was so excited to have an excuse to make a Kirk Shirt! I was sad, though, that my shirt did not come out so well. I couldn’t get the iron-on transfer to peel correctly and it just ended up tearing and crinkling. I sound like I’m wearing a bag of potato chips. So Manda and I made a trip to Michael’s to buy better transfers (I would avoid purchasing the AMAZON brand of iron-on transfers!!!).

I thought this would be a good opportunity to wear the silver Irregular Choice space booties that I hoard but never wear. Ok, I wore them ONCE to Supperclub, but then they killed my feet after walking around the Castro and then I never wore them again. After wearing them to take a photo this afternoon, I decided that I STILL did not want to wear them ever again. Sad. I will still keep them, though. They are just too cool! They have terrible support and also make me feel too much like a space hoochie.

Next up, pics at the movie theater!

Okay, note in the next photo that Hairy is eating my Rice Krispy Treat!!!

Okay, note in THIS next photo that I have CHOCOLATE on my teef cuz I was eating, AAAND Manda is making that disgusted face cuz I was opening my mouth behind her and my mouth made a gross smacky sound. MMM mm!!

So, I am not what you would call a hardcore Trekkie, but my dad was always a fan of the Original series, and I have a fondness for its kitsch factor and popculture value. And the Shat. The Holy Shat.

I was not disappointed in the movie. When I first saw the trailer, I was like, “OMG this looks like Starship Troopers and it’s going to suck.” But then I kept hearing that people actually liked the movie. I would now put myself in that category.

We saw it at the Sundance Kabuki where you can pick your seats while you buy your tickets online. This seemed optimal so that we wouldn’t have to wait in line somewhere forever only to end up in a terrible place like the front row. Also this theater is 21+. So we had a very pleasant and grown up movie experience with fabulous seats, but I also kinda wish we saw it at the Metreon with a super rowdy and super nerdy crowd! I think I’d be hardpressed to find someone to see it with TWICE. OH wells!

14 Comments on “When you’re out of your Vulcan mind…”

  • Nathalie


    Super cool shirts! I used to have a crush on Captain Kirk too though it’s long since passed and I don’t quite remember why LOL

    • He’s kind of gross and awesome all at the same time…!

  • Kimi


    ahhh, I wish I was your friend so you could have made me a cool shirt too!! we went on Thursday and saw the first showing and there were people all dressed up and stuff…the movie was AWESOME!! The shirts you made are hilarious! 🙂

    • I am going to make myself all the different shirts and wear them all the time! 😛 😛

  • Pam


    awesome shirts!
    I really want to see the movie!

  • Annie


    Those shirts are amazing! Especially the Khan one. Just saw the movie yesterday, and I would totally see it again!

    • I am going to make a zazzle.com link for the Trek shirts!

  • janice


    this is incredible. THE TEES LOOK AWESOME XO!

  • Marissa


    I LOVED the movie (my hubby made a special star trek song…I blogs about that). And you guys are so stinking cute! I want a shirt too

  • Mermaid


    Everyone you hang out with wears glasses. It’s like a cool kid glasses only club.

  • QBug


    Okay, did you ever see the original series episode “Miri”? It’s like… they land on a planet with no adults.
    And Kirk gets kinda pedo for this one girl… it creeps me the hell out.

  • QBug


    I’ve seen it three times already.
    I’m not ashamed.

    Are you familiar with the original series? Nurse Chapel is in the movie ! =) Also, there is a tribble on Scotty’s desk.

    Also, kinda off, but there is an easter egg of R2D2 but I haven’t been able to locate him. =

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