I shoulda been a derby girl?

I was looking at photo albums with Hairy, and had to try to scan this one (a chore unto itself here as we figured out how to use the wireless scanner/fax/printer).

Check out my sweet outfit and the rollerskates!!

What would my derby name be?

(Also, that’s my uncle.)

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4 Replies to “I shoulda been a derby girl?”

  1. Rachel H says:

    Dwarf Stomper is the first thing that popped into my head.

  2. heyjenrenee says:

    snow bite.

    (i don’t know… that looks like a snow white dress to me?)

    CUTE photo.

  3. KimBurly says:

    Sugar Slam!

  4. Mepaqehe says:

    That car is sexy.

    And I would go with “Raptor Explosion” for a name. Because raptors are awesome, and if they’re an explosion as well, they’d dominate.

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