Hong Kong Highlights: FOOOOOOOD!!!!

Hairy and myself at a champagne bar, waiting to meet up with peeps for dinner.

What do you do on vacation?

Eat? Shop? That’s generally what I do on my vacations. Oddly, there’s not much R&R when I go away, lots of running around. That’s the only way I can justify how much freaking food we consume!

The photos ahead are not comprehensive, just a quick tour of some of the nibbles we enjoyed in Hong Kong, from street food, to fancy fare. Our camera ran out of batteries at our extremely lavish omakase extravaganza where Vic and my brother got totally crunk on house-made plum wine and other weird concoctions, but I think for sushi, you know what it looks like. You’d kinda just have to be there to really appreciate how out of control that meal was.

First off: street food. Hairy is a BIG FAN of street meat. He tried stinky tofu and thought it tasted like a barn, but we didn’t get photos of that. Life in Hong Kong is fast. Sometimes you just have to eat crap and not pause to take your camera out. Hairy did manage to snap some photos while he was out in Hong Kong alone, tho. He also got some great photos of the wet markets, where peeps go to buy fresh meat, fish, and veggies.

I think this is a bowl of noodles that Hairy ate. It’s notable because he ordered alone as a white boy in Asia who knows no Chinese. I think he learned how to say “one” and “two”, tho. 😉

The following are pics from our first dinner at Hutong. I guess it’s high end Chinese cuisine, with an old world concept. Vic described it as, you’re being served village food, stuff you can’t get everywhere, in a modern and fancy way. It was VERY yummy. Everything looked simple, but was super tasty and well seasoned. Also, there is a fantastic water view (and our view included the Peninsula Hotel across the street where we believe some man was exfoliating naked in his bathroom with the blinds way open.)

This was labeled as “Shark Lips” but we don’t know if that was a euphemism or what.

Jade Melon. I LOVED THIS. I wish/wonder if we can get it here.

One of their most famous dishes is soft shelled crab COVERED in layers of big, beautiful dried chiles. Only my dad and Hairy could eat this, since it was so spicy.

Dessert was shared, a trio of sorbets. The super cool part: those little wrapped leaves in the bottom left corner were filled with interesting ice cream toppings, like sweetened orange peel and black sesame seeds.

And finally, a few random photos of what I ate:

A milk pudding in coconut milk. YUMMY. So creamy. So jiggly. And so cute!

This is probably an IEatYuckyStuff.com entry unto its own. A childhood fave of mine: Vitasoy SOY MILK! And, a chicken leg that I bought and heated up in a microwave at a 7-11ish place near or hotel. It was really greasy, but I ate all of it anyway!

There were notable places we ate at: this crazy Szechuan restaurant and Modern Toilet, but those will get future posts of their own!

2 Comments on “Hong Kong Highlights: FOOOOOOOD!!!!”

  • mel


    i’d like some of that jade melon to!!!
    i want some jade melon jello.

  • Nikki


    The sorbets look great. The Jade Melon looks so juicy and fresh.
    I would love to try the soft shell crabs, love spicy food

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