I’m a Night-Owl Rehab Drop Out

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I KNOW. I know. I know that everyone wakes up early to be at work a 9am (or earlier) and that being alive in the morning is a perfectly NORMAL and DO-ABLE phenomenon.

However, I have the tendency to work until, like, 4 or 5 in the morning, which makes a 9am work-time the next day to be, simply, impossible at this age!

I would really like to shift my schedule back to something a bit more … diurnal, rather than nocturnal. So I decided to follow my own oft-given advice: MAKE A LIST.

I am posting up my proposed schedule for tomorrow. It’s not too crazy. It’s just a start! Baby steps! Cross your fingers for me!!! I’ll probably be updating my progress on this to-do list on Twitter. I have to start by NOT going to bed at 5am tonight!

2 Comments on “I’m a Night-Owl Rehab Drop Out”

  • Caz


    Good luck Twinkie! My schedule revolves around my day job (I’m a waitress) so I end up working at all kinds of silly hours!
    Mentioned you in my blog today x

    • Hey thanks so much for the blog mention!!! I appreciate it!!!

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