WIWT & New Cookie Brooches!

Heart Cookie C 2

I bought these beads YEARS ago and never took the time to do anything with them. I finally started using them on my Pink Pastry Weepuls, but I was excited to put them on a sugar cookie brooch! The hand-sewing kind of took forever but was very mind-numbing and relaxing! I wish I could rock them on a scarf, but that would be WAY too scratchy. Anyway, I put this brooch and 4 other heart-shaped sugar cookie pins up on My Etsy shop a few minutes ago.

I also wanted to share this sweet bag with you! I picked it up when we went to the Loyal Army sample sale.

WIWT 2.11.09

I haven’t worn it out yet because I’m lazy about switching out purses, but it’s really roomy and I can shove all kinds of crochet work in there, too! I love it!

I kind of got tsk-tskd by my licensing agent when I met with him for coffee the other day because I was full on loaded up with Loyal Army gear. I am not in the mindset yet to see a brand like that as a competitor to me because….they have a store and a kajillion fans and what not, but then I got scared that I was a walking billboard for another brand. Is that bad?

What are your thoughts on wearing your own brand? I know that band dudes don’t like to wear their own band tees, but what about wearing your own handmade? Your own screenprinted tees? Totally un-cool, or totally smart advertising? Discuss!

6 Comments on “WIWT & New Cookie Brooches!”

  • cosmic sailor


    I think wearing one piece of your own creation is smart advertising. Head to toe? No ma’am. Take advantage of some free advertising. 😉

    • Hm yes I definitely have to make at least one more scarf for me to keep!

  • annalee


    Self promotion is great, no shame in that at all. But, also I believe that supporting other creators is also great. We are all in this together and there really is plenty to go around. You get what you give!

    • I think promoting for your friends is a good point, too. I pimp my friends’ jewelry all the time!

  • Vivianna


    You are so lovely! We live in the same city!! 😀

  • Michelle


    They say its good to wear some of your work make a statement that you stand behind your work and you are proud to wear it too. Head to toe, nah, but a brooch here, a scarf there, or a belt pouch there…on different days of course…I see no problem with that. 🙂

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