WIWT & New Cookie Brooches!

Heart Cookie C 2

I bought these beads YEARS ago and never took the time to do anything with them. I finally started using them on my Pink Pastry Weepuls, but I was excited to put them on a sugar cookie brooch! The hand-sewing kind of took forever but was very mind-numbing and relaxing! I wish I could rock them on a scarf, but that would be WAY too scratchy. Anyway, I put this brooch and 4 other heart-shaped sugar cookie pins up on My Etsy shop a few minutes ago.

I also wanted to share this sweet bag with you! I picked it up when we went to the Loyal Army sample sale.

WIWT 2.11.09

I haven’t worn it out yet because I’m lazy about switching out purses, but it’s really roomy and I can shove all kinds of crochet work in there, too! I love it!

I kind of got tsk-tskd by my licensing agent when I met with him for coffee the other day because I was full on loaded up with Loyal Army gear. I am not in the mindset yet to see a brand like that as a competitor to me because….they have a store and a kajillion fans and what not, but then I got scared that I was a walking billboard for another brand. Is that bad?

What are your thoughts on wearing your own brand? I know that band dudes don’t like to wear their own band tees, but what about wearing your own handmade? Your own screenprinted tees? Totally un-cool, or totally smart advertising? Discuss!

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6 Replies to “WIWT & New Cookie Brooches!”

  1. cosmic sailor says:

    I think wearing one piece of your own creation is smart advertising. Head to toe? No ma’am. Take advantage of some free advertising. πŸ˜‰

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      Hm yes I definitely have to make at least one more scarf for me to keep!

  2. annalee says:

    Self promotion is great, no shame in that at all. But, also I believe that supporting other creators is also great. We are all in this together and there really is plenty to go around. You get what you give!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      I think promoting for your friends is a good point, too. I pimp my friends’ jewelry all the time!

  3. Vivianna says:

    You are so lovely! We live in the same city!! πŸ˜€

  4. Michelle says:

    They say its good to wear some of your work make a statement that you stand behind your work and you are proud to wear it too. Head to toe, nah, but a brooch here, a scarf there, or a belt pouch there…on different days of course…I see no problem with that. πŸ™‚

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