Handsewing Muscles Out of Shape!

So I am still applique-ing some cute-tility packs for an Etsy update, and my pointer and middle fingers are so sore!!! I tried using a thimble but the thing kept flying off. So I decided to try sticking moleskin onto my fingertips. I think it’s helping a little…. but Hairy also ordered a leather thimble for me.

Sorry this is kind of an uninteresting entry. I’m knee-deep in felt and thread!

2 Comments on “Handsewing Muscles Out of Shape!”

  • Michelle


    Looks painful, but isn’t there a saying that says something along the lines of we hurt for our art? 😉 And I love seeing your “stash” behind you. You have got a very drool-worthy stash. Oh, now if that didn’t sound a little naughty. Sorry. LOL!

    • I keep trying to minimize that stash!

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