Sleeping on a Cloud?


Our new mattress arrived yesterday morning!

I have been on a futon for about 10 years. I don’t like soft squishy beds, and I hate when you can feel someone else move on a springy mattress. But my futon was getting really uncomfortable, so it was time to graduate and get a grown-up bed.

It’s a firm mattress with a pillow top. IT IS HUGE!!!!!!! Like really super big!!! The futon was really low-profile and this monster is SUPER TALL. Bibi can’t really get on and off of it, and I will miss my morning puppy snuggles until we figure out a new arrangement upstairs in the loft.

Today we popped into a few stores to check out bed frames. We really liked some at this one store in our neighborhood, but they only came in queen sizes, and our mattress is a full. I hope hope HOPE we do not run into this problem over and over again. I really don’t like the look of plain wooden bed frames and I hope we still have choices! We’ll see!!

Yarn Stash

Here’s a pic of my yarn stash that somebody requested. Of course, the stash is changing all the time, but there’s the general set up.

Since this pic when I first moved into this loft last year, we’ve had to put a small fence around the yarn because Bibi has begun to pull it off shelves and mess with it. If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Ugly Dachshund and you recall the yarn scene…..our house has ended up that way a few times before we had to gate off the goods!

Today I hope to finish up a Valentine’s day scarf and maybe go see Revolutionary Road.

6 Comments on “Sleeping on a Cloud?”

  • Kelly


    I’m the first to comment! YEAH! How thrilling! Any who…

    You need puppy stairs for Bibi! Have you ever seen them? Crazy funny, but I bet they work.

    • Thanks for the link!! We have some stairs for Bibi to get on the couch, but even those stars are not high enough for the super high bed!!! We are looking at low profile bed frames right now, though, so fingers crossed!

  • Lucy Says Rawr!


    How did you acquire such a large amount of yarn? I have like 5 half skeins……

    • If I had half a skein left, I would need to buy 2 more skeins to complete a new project, and still have maybe 3/4 left afterward. Multiply this by hundreds of projects over about 5 years, and you have a giant stash!!

  • Lucy Says Rawr


    It’s so rainbowey and appealing. I would just sit and stare!

    • It just makes me anxious because I want to use it all up!! HEHehhe.

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