Today’s WIWT, and some other shopping stuffs.

Tonight, Hairy and I joined my mom, dad, and brother for dinner at The Village Pub. Afterward, as is our family tradition, we went back to my parents’ house to open family presents and Jaci joined us, too. I think I will do an xmas prezzie photo round up tomorrow. Tonight, I am still crocheting a present for my mom! Also, I plan to bake two more batches of cookies, except, we ran out of powdered sugar and there is no store open right now!!! Doh!!!

Anyway, here is a pic of some stuff I acquired recently (mostly from Disneyland).

From left to right:

1) Polka dot fleece throw from a store called Libby Lu in Downtown Disney. I LOVE THIS STORE!!! It’s so pink and princessy and pretentious. It’s every little girl’s pink polka dot dream!!

2) Pop Sugar glitter tank top from Libby Lu. Okay, so this store is for like, little girls, right? So, I’m not really assuming I can fit into any of the clothing, but a grown up can can have pink polka dot dreams, too?! I picked up this awesome tank top for what I thought was going to be $9.99 on sale, but when she rang me up, it was TWO DOLLARS AND NINETY EIGHT CENTS!!! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!! Unscore: I tried it on at home and it’s hideous because it’s boxy/wide and too short. I just can’t pull off the short tops anymore, as my lady-sized muffin tops are quite abundant at the moment…. I suppose it would make for a good gym shirt, if I went to the gym (which I should!!!!).

3) Awesome teddy bear neckwarmer made by Rosaleen Dhu. She makes all kinds of animal scarves, so check out her shop!

4) Alien t-shirt which was a prezzie from Hairy after we got off the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland. It’s also a weird boy sized boxy shirt which I have not dared to try on yet……now that I think about it, I should make a blog post for all my new ill-fitting children’s clothing!!! :/

5) Awesome pink top from I’m Your Present. The shiny bow is TO DIE. I wore it tonight with my black jumper. Also it kinda perfectly matches my hair color. Also I got a haircut today to mow down some of my hair weeds. When I used to put some styling wax in it, Pickle said it looked like I had twigs growing out of my hair. Man, I miss my twigs!

Hope you all have a very safe and warm Xmas! I can’t wait to eat!!!!!

5 Comments on “Today’s WIWT, and some other shopping stuffs.”

  • noodle


    Hope you have A Happy Xmas : )

  • Aw, thanks, noodle šŸ™‚ Happy Holidays!!

  • rocketbox


    Is that a custom from I’m Your Present? I always look at her page but I rarely see anything pink on it. (Maybe it’s just bad timing?)

    • Nope! It wasn’t custom. Just saw it and grabbed it šŸ™‚

  • Kat


    I have that imyourpresent shirt in light pink… well my bow is polka dotted, but eh… it’s similar.

    As for muffin tops… they happen occasionally… weight fluctuates with water and whatnot, don’t freak out about it… The fact that you could get into a shirt from Libby Lu is a feat most would not succeed at.

    My 23 year old sister adores that store as well.

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