I’m just gonna pick up some yarn…

Buttons gingerbread, originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN.

Sooo after my sewing date with Manda this morning, I headed back up to the city and stopped by ImagiKnit for some yarn for mittens. I also needed two black buttons for eyes on a brooch, and then I found myself staring and drooling over all the little tubes of colorful buttons. Seriously, kid, candy store, that’s what it was like.

I did buy my black buttons and mitten yarn, but I also came away with these gingerbread gems, 10 each! Don’t know what I want to use them for yet, but it seemed an important “investment”!

I also got these:

Buttons fish

They remind me of Swedish Fish!

And also these:

Buttons cheezits

Yup, Cheez Its!!!! (sorta)

I tend to become obsessed with buttons every now and then, which is dangerous, because then I hoard them and never use them!!! Years and years ago I had a set of Ritz cracker buttons, and now I have no idea where they are. SAD!!

9 Comments on “I’m just gonna pick up some yarn…”

  • Myrinda


    oh, I love buttons! esp the ones you’ve bought there. and i love food too…I guess as long as you didn’t lose some REAL Ritz-ick!

    • Twinkie


      that sounds messy!

  • Jackie


    Those buttons do look just like cheez-its. Too Cute! 🙂

    • Twinkie


      I really wish they only had one hole in the middle! But I guess that wouldn’t be a very useful button.

  • Andreanna


    I am like a little kid iwht all types of things especially sparkly things i am like ohh sparklies I want it!

    • Twinkie


      you’re a magpie!

  • Charis


    The gingerbread buttons are just beyond cute!

    • Twinkie


      i want to put them on EVERYTHING! i kind already did!

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