WIWT 12.9.08

WIWT 12.9.08, originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN.

Sorry about the crazy hair in this one. I kind of had no idea it was so messed up until I looked at the pics just now!! Haha.

Today I wore a handmade dress by ohladysolo on eBay. I bought two from her! I loved this little Eiffel Tower print and the pretty blue color! The cardigan is from Old Navy, the sweater clips from PeptoGirl, and the necklace from applenoggin on Etsy.

I have been working on finishing up a special order. This is one of 3 scarves. I rarely do cupcake scarves with strawberries, so this was a fun break from cherries!


And this week I’m focusing on one more shop update for the holidays, and then, onto gifts!

More soon!

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  1. Andreanna says:

    I love your outfit and the scarf!

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