WIWT – Approved by nice older ladies in Palo Alto

I am getting a heck of a lot of use out of my black jumper! And again, it’s my cute kitty tee by Em and Sprout.

I got dressed doublequickstyle today because I had to race to the office to meet with a potential intern.

Then, I had to go to the post office, so I took a break to get brown rice sushi and Odwalla carrot juice and to drop off some of my TurkeyDay/eBay packages.

While walking back to my car, someone approached me, and this is how it all went down. I call this scene, “The Back-handed Compliment.”

Lady: Your look is so cute!

Me: Thanks!

Lady: It looks like you work really hard to look that way!

Me: Uh…well…you kind of just start accumulating some things here and there … and the next thing you know, you look like THIS.

Lady: You and I look better than aaaaaall these people out on the street. Some people leave the house in sweat shirts and sweat pants! Where’s the femininity?

Me: (opening car door) Well, it’s nice to be comfortable, too. OK BYE!

Please to visualize this woman with very curly permy hair, a fur vest, and a wrist brace which I thought at first was a wrist warmer which would have been awesome.

When I am an old lady, I will wear fur vests.

It did make me wonder, tho, if I have become too vain or concerned with my physical appearance.

When I was in fourth or fifth grade, I went to my friend Kate’s house, and she and her other friend Erin were going to go shopping at the mall. I was not really into shopping or clothes at this point, but I went anyway to hang out. Erin asked, “Did your mom give you money to shop?” And 9 year old me was like, “Heck yeah! I have forty dollars!” and Erin was like, “Forty dollars? For clothes!?” I felt very weird hanging out at that point. What loser only brings $40 to the mall to go clothes shopping! I’ll take one sock from Banana Republic please! THX!

Today, I still do not like browsing racks at malls, although I am an INSANE online shopper. But I wonder if I care too much how I look when I leave the house. I will NOT leave the house without eyeliner. I look like a 60 year old alien without eyeliner. Trust me. This is a service that I do for you. But the clothes and the hairclips and the purses? I guess that’s for me, and I’m okay with that. If it makes me feel happy and cute and okay with the world, that ain’t such a bad thing.

Oh yeah, here are Hairy and Bibi. She looks really evil.

13 Comments on “WIWT – Approved by nice older ladies in Palo Alto”

  • Elaine


    I would be the nice older lady in Phoenix. I admire your look so much that you’ve inspired me to start wearing eyeliner again!

    • Aw, you’re sweet! I also have really horrible eyeliner skills. I should probably stop using a self-sharpening one, but I’m too lazy/cheap to keep experimenting with other liners!

  • Andreanna


    I only had 40 dollars a month as allowance and that was after I complained 20 dollars was too little. I did somehow manage to ge t agood deal of things thanks to my mom getting a pretty good discount for working there.

    • I don’t really remember if I had a regular allowance. I just kind of never went out and did stuff without my mom as a kid, so she’d be there to buy the socks or the hamburger or whatever!

  • kim


    Ah! that sweater/dress thing is totally cute. I’m well into layering right now, mainly tees under cardigans but still.

    • Layers are key! I get overheated very easily, so I need lots of options from inside to outside.

  • Capricia Rae


    Oh man, I got a jumper…overall thing a bit ago and I am so obsessed with it.
    It’s navy blue though and I feel as though I have nothing to go with it, so I go out with this navy thing and something that may or may not match and call it a day.
    Um..I dunno my point but…In other news, I love hair accessories and old ladies always compliment me on them in that backhanded sort of way.

    • I don’t really end up interacting with a lot of old ladies!

      Out of curiosity, can you reply one more time to this commment? I am curious if my “reply” function works on WordPress.

  • Michele


    I think you are so damn adorable! I hope you don’t change a thing about yourself. I do have to say you remind me a lot of Lane on the Gilmore Girls, only you are way cuter! 🙂

    • AHahha, I think someone has told me I look like her before, too! Except I’m like a kabillion years older! 😛

      • Lane (played by Keiko Agena) is actually 35 IRL! 😮

  • Ramon


    you both look good imho =]

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