Scene 360 Interview + Double Strawberry Action!

Jenny, one of my friendly and talented customers, also contributes to the art & film site She asked if I’d do an interview and I said of course!!! It’s really beautifully laid out and you can listen to me ramble on an on about stuff.

Also I snapped a photo of this kleenex box cozy inspired by a picture of a cake that the baker called a “strawberry basket.” Mine didn’t end up looking as much like a basket of berries, but it is still pretty delectable nonetheless!

2 Comments on “Scene 360 Interview + Double Strawberry Action!”

  • Laurel


    do you have a pattern for the kleenex box with strawberries? I would love to get it. Thanks mucho!

    • Nope! Sorry! IT’s the only one I ever made, and I Never even wrote down the pattern.

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