Fun Stuff Round Up!

1. I heart puppies, they’re my fave cougar pendant by veryhappyeverything.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Michelle Unicorn Shoe, in GOLD!

3. Geeks & Crossbones Tee by nontrendy.

4. custom Candy Princess dress by CrudeThings.

5. Natural Wool Pelt by modernfiberlab.

6. Raspberry and Plum Circus Stripe dress by ZidishaLuxe.

7. Fozzie Bear plaque by datamafia.

8. Pop Candy Hobo Bag by spiritedstyle.

I forgot to mention that on Wednesday, Hairy and I went to see The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Now whenever I see someone hide their head behind a hoodie or a piece of cloth, I think they are Karen O’ing. As an aging hipster, I don’t fancy seeing shows as much as I used to in my early 20s. I just don’t want to stand up or wait around that long. Hairy is sort of the same mind. So we skipped the opening band before going to the Fox Theater in Oakland. The Fox is pretty cool!! Everyone who works there seems super nice, Hairy said the men’s room was remarkably clean, AND you can get a hotdog or hummus or other yummies there at the little bar/cafe attached to it. Awesome! The show was pretty cool. Karen O does a lot of slow lunging, stretching, and squatting. She makes being a rockstar look real easy.

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5 Responses to Fun Stuff Round Up!

  1. Coralene says:

    The Jeffrey Campbell shoes are the absolute best. I even made a fancy golden ruffled cat shirt to wear with them but never ended up buying them, BOOO! I love the dress too, but I think I love anything with the word “circus” in it.

  2. Jenny S says:

    Ha ha! That Fozzie bear is hilarious!! 🙂

  3. Mermaid says:

    Oh man. Those unicorn shoes.

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