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Small Biz Rant: Do Crocheters Support Their Own Craft?

“Crochet books don’t sell as well as knitting books.” “Crocheters don’t spend as much money as knitters.” “Crocheters don’t spend as much money on yarn.” “Crocheters don’t want to spend money, period.” Do you find any of these statements to … Continue reading

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Small Biz Rant: “How do I find my signature work style?”

Sara from SoulCandyCrochet (the jar cozies pictured are hers) asked if I had any advice about finding a signature style for her crafting and her shop. In various q&a’s, I talk a lot about how I think it’s super important … Continue reading

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Small Biz Rant: “How Do I Get Noticed?”

Recently on Tumblr, someone asked me about how to get their Etsy shop noticed, and I kinda get this question every now and again, so I thought I would write a blog post about how to start spreading the word … Continue reading

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Sanitized, Pasteurized & Sterilized: The neutering of my blog. (Small Biz Rant)

I was texting my buddy Alek yesterday (apparently he was in Daiso, and clearly that means you text your Asian friends with pictures of Asian things), and I mentioned I had this blog entry queued up in my Drafts, but … Continue reading

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