Halloween Cupcake Hair Clips – now available!

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I uploaded some cute Halloween-themed cupcake hair clips to my Etsy shop  and put them in a “Halloween” section along with jackolantern slouchy hats, mitts, and hair clips. I have one more Halloween-themed project I want to complete, but time is tickin’ away, and we’re also going to be out of town this weekend for Plush You in Seattle! It is going to be a free pattern/DIY project  to post here on the blog, so I hope I have time to squeak it in so you guys can make some for yourselves before Halloween! Or for you spookier individuals, it will be something you can wear all year round…! I played with a new lens for my camera today. The light was bad since the sun was going down, but a lot of the product photos came out super crisp anyway. Interesting! I know absolutely nothing about photography and am thinking of taking an online class in November!  

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Here’s a pic of everything together: Woo woo!

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